What’s Your Wildest Winter Story in Your Corvette?

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Corvette in Snow

With that walloping storm roaring into the East Coast this weekend, we’re again reminded of why many of us envy those Corvette owners on the West Coast.

You know, in a friendly kind of way.

Then again, maybe jealously might be a better word right about now, considering that while many are hunkered down this weekend and restricted from driving anything, some of those California Corvette lovers will be out cruising with the top down.

A thread started by Corvette Forum member Roadbike56, titled “East Coast, it looks like a bad one is coming in,” puts it all in perspective for the rest of us.

“We usually keep the ‘Vette running on the road through most of the winter and that’s been true so far. But today, route 55, the main highway through towns south of Raleigh, is already salted,” wrote Roadbike56. “The weather forecast looks like a carbon copy of the 2002 Ice Storm. We’re expecting about a 1/2 inch of sleet and freezing rain, maybe more, followed by 3 inches of snow… Might be a good time to gas up the beater, make sure you’ve got batteries and candles and other preparations, just in case.”

Couldn’t agree more. However, we do know of one guy that doesn’t seem to be bound by winter conditions when it comes to enjoying his ‘Vette. As we can see in the video below (from a Facebook post last year), this wild child seems pretty comfortable tackling the snow in a C2 convertible! Those conditions, of course, appear to be a lot lighter than what’s expected to hit the East Coast this weekend.

But it did get us thinking – what’s the craziest story you have of driving your Corvette in the snow? We’d like to hear ’em.

Chime in with your thoughts on the forum. >>

Dashing through the SnowJack o’ Lanterns now, but Snow is coming soon, here we go on a merry ride through the woods , I must remember to put snow tires on the car next year !

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