Corvette of the Week: a 2004 Z06 on the Most Polished Wheels Ever

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Usually we give the Corvette of the Week award to one of our forum members who has shared some pretty pics of their car’s overall beauty. Near as I can recall, this is the first time the honor has ever been doled out based solely upon a Corvette’s wheels.

Not that forum member Toque’s 2004 Corvette Z06 isn’t worthy on her own merits, but she definitely gets a bump for her beautiful footwear. And we figured that anyone who puts so┬ámuch passion into polishing a wheel deserves some recognition. So Toque, congratulations on receiving this week’s COTW honor.

Now, whether or not Toque’s CCW wheels really needed so much polishing is up for debate. But the project did satisfy his “OCD.” And there’s no denying how shiny these 8-year-old wheels look.

Here’s what Toque tells us about why he embarked on the project in the first place:

“I decided to sand my CCW’s wheels smooth. I wanted to remove all the forging lines that were originally left after they were created. I wanted them to be as much of a mirror as I could get.”

Mission accomplished. But only after A LOT of hard work, which Toque does an excellent job of describing in his thread about the project.

Toque is happily responding to any inquiries on the forum. So if you’ve got questions about how he achieved such splendor, fire away. If you don’t, well jump on in and congratulate him on some fine looking wheels, and a COTW honor to boot.

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