Where’s All the Love for Stock C6 Corvettes?

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If you haven’t noticed, a large majority of posts and threads on Corvette Forum relating to the C6 are all about the mods, tinkerings, and changes people have made to the car. This got c6 snowboarder wondering where all the people are who just enjoy the car as it was originally built. Why buy such a wonderful car if you’re just going to change it and alter what the engineers built it to be? Here’s the original post:

“I see all these post[s] with mods and stories of how working on this upgrade and that, chrome thingy and superchargers and exhaust changes and interior changes, brakes and rotors , oil and lubricants and paint corrections and just stuff that cost good money. Are any of you guys just happy with your C6 as a stock condition Corvette that you just drive and enjoy its factory condition? Wash , Wax and Drive is my path – how about you?”


The idea of modding has always been, and will always be, about personal taste. Modding is great for adding some extra performance or customizing your car to make it feel more like your own creation. However, it can also heavily kill resale value, not to mention the time and money that goes into it in the first place.

A different type of pride comes from owning an older vehicle and maintaining it just as it was when it came off the assembly belt. A few forum members feel the same way, as we found out in c6 snowboarder’s thread. Here’s some of the best explanations as to why members decided to keep their cars stock:

CHEV AGAIN: I am done with hot rods that you have to tinker with and constantly fool with various whatevers. Go to the garage, open the door then drive off. Car is plenty fast gets lots of looks and a blast to drive.

LV2TOUR: It can become addictive and costly for sure. I would also be just as happy if I had left everything OEM and not done anything. Just driving the C6, enjoying it on road trips is how I enjoy ownership the best. I don’t put my car in shows, or in show & shines, so no one really sees my engine bay but me.

Bruze: I love my stock* Vette. Having screwed around with cars and motorcycles since the ’60s, the passion left me 10-15 years ago. I stopped trying to out-think teams of auto engineers. I thoroughly enjoy NOT working on it.

Judgebull: I am a Stock believer… My 13 GS is pretty much like it came… I added front splash guards and the 1-4 shift bypass and that’s it. I like them just like they were made. I had a few cars years ago that I modded and it never turned out like I dreamed it would. Buy the one you want…this time I bought a 4LT and it has lots of stuff that I don’t use. All the Mods cost you dearly when you sell or trade. You can Mod them to almost scrap prices.

dryadsdad: Mine’s dead stock and I intend on keeping it that way. I can’t drive it even close to its limits on the street, have no interest in the track any more and also think anybody driving a car like this at limits on the street should be jailed unless they’re far out in the desert or something similar. I don’t even wash mine that much. It’s a CAR by GM and not a holy object.

jimmymac25: I’ll be lucky to afford tires when the time comes… Let alone modding it.
I sure am enjoying it though.

joec: yup.. like my 13 GS just the way I bought it.. I also had a 65 coupe that was bone stock… I just like them the way they were made.. Not a fan of mod’s but it’s your car so you do what you want…

So there you have it. The stock cars still exist, you just gotta search a little bit to find ’em.

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