Widebody Corvette Anyone?

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I’m not usually a fan of body kits on cars. Most of the time, it just messes up the perfect lines that the factory put a lot of effort into creating. They tend to look 2 Fast 2 Furious, and not enough like actual cars people would want to drive.


This kit though, I’m definitely eating my words.


This is the Prior Design PDR700 Widebody Corvette, and it looks delicious. Everything has been widened to give a real racecar vibe. I have to say, it looks better than the Z06, which looks fabulous.


The kit costs around $9,000 and that doesn’t include paint and installation. Prior also offers an upgraded engine, new 20in wheels, and a trick suspension that sets this car off perfectly.


Now, here’s the real question, when can I drive one?

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