The End of the V8 in the Corvette is Nigh?

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While debuting the new GT and Raptor, Ford made two of the biggest splashes at this year’s North American International Auto Show in Detroit. But perhaps the biggest splash of all is the news that neither of these powerhouses will be powered by a V8.

With both mighty Fords being moved by V6 efficiency, it didn’t take long for Corvette Forum members to start imagining a Corvette world without the familiar rumble of the V8, especially after member “R&L’s C6” posted a story that claims Ford is phasing out their V8 altogether.

v8 done

While there are many good points being made in “R&L’s” thread, and another similarly themed thread started by “dryadsdad“, it’s interesting that the majority of opinions fall into one of two categories: the traditionalists vs. the futurists.

Let’s take a look at some of the most salient arguments.

First, let’s give the traditionalists their say:

R&L’s C6: I can’t wait for the day to hear the rumble of a six cylinder in my Corvette.

TropicanaI don’t want “equivalent” HP from a smaller motor with a Band-Aid. I want to start my ‘Vette in the morning and feel the rude shake until the beast is warmed up, and then I want to hear that nasty, unapologetic V8 clear its throat after every red light. Never let the new engineers and bean counters ruin the spirit of the Corvette, which cannot be quantified on paper.

Rebell Yell: Sometimes smaller isn’t always better no matter the power, and you don’t have to play a recorded sound to get that beautiful music of a V8. And yes, I’m old-school and proud of it.

trebor8008: Even though my four-cylinder would walk my current ‘Vette in most acceleration contests (for now), there is no mistaking the sound of my V8. That alone has quite a bit of appeal that a smaller engine can’t replicate.

FAUEE: For many people who are spending the extra money on a sports car, the experience is a huge part of it. That’s why they still offer manuals, and that’s why people buy V8s, etc. It’s about the driving pleasure.

Don-Vette: There is no replacement for displacement! Otherwise, John Force would be running a V6. Torque is king on the street. No V6 can match the torque of a V8 given identical modifications.

LT4 v8 corvette engine

And now the futurists get their turn:

dryadsdad: Let’s not force Corvette into becoming a relic of 60s thought brought up to date and made possible by driver ‘aids’ that remove our control of the car. Let’s support the best Corvette the future brings rather than the one we first saw and decided we needed to have when we were 8 years old.

juanvaldez: Horsepower is horsepower whether it comes from eight cylinders or two. Formula 1 will be six-cylinder this year.

LedZepper: Yes, I believe a future Corvette will have a turbo or supercharged V6. Someday, it will become electric. And I’m quite optimistic the performance will be outstanding. Engineers will find the way.

MikeyTX: Uh, are you forgetting the Corvette started life with a straight-six?

bobeast: I don’t care if they put squirrels in there, as long as they are really nasty squirrels.


Of course, in any good argument, we can always find middle ground:

Jmhornz71: I like the traditional front-engine, rear-drive ‘Vette. I can deal with change and progress. I think Chevy should come out with the mid-engine C8 design […] but also produce the traditional Corvette, too, and see what people want. If they both sell well, [they should] keep producing both. If they don’t, keep the one that’s selling. 


So where do you fall on the “traditional vs. futurist” spectrum?

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