World’s First-Ever Corvette C7 Z06 9-Second Run

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Corvette z06 c7

Go ahead and pop open the champagne bottles, my friends, because this appears to be the world’s first-ever 2015 Corvette Z06 to pull off a 9-second run. Make that 9.87 seconds at 138 mph to be exact.

If you’re a Corvette fan who loves speed, I can’t think of a better way to get revved up for the weekend.

Cheers to FasterProms and their modifications that pushed the Z06’s output to 714/RWHP and 720RWTQ.  Check out the proof-of-the-pudding and their full list of mods…

9 second c7 z-06

FasterProms custom tune by Jeremy Formato
FasterProms custom 2.31 pulley
FasterProms Ported Supercharger
Modified air box, and air duct with modified AFE CAI
FasterProms Thermal reduction plates That reduce blower heat soak
FasterProms Flex fuel kit- This is a flex fuel sensor that we make to allow us to run on blended e85/pump gas
FasterProms 1.5Gal Expansion tank tank for greater supercharge coolant capacity
ARH 1.875 headers
Hoosier 315/30/18 dr’s — at Bradenton Motorsports Park

The real beauty here is seeing (and hearing) this ‘Vette pull off that 9-sec run in the two videos posted below. You get both an exterior and interior look at history being made.

Now, where’s that champagne bottle?

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