More Than Winter Wrecked this Corvette Z06

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If you own a C7 Corvette, or any nice car, vehicle damage is a real blow to the soul. But this wrecked Z06, as posted by “b4z” on Corvette Forum here, was really painful because it could have been avoided.

Though some are speculating the damage may have been caused by wet roads combined with the lack of tread on the Z06’s tires, Corvette Forum member “Soulsea” has gotten to the real root of the problem:

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“My salesman there called me to let me know about this Z06. This happened a day or two after purchase (it could even have been the same day — I can’t remember exactly) and with fewer than 100 miles. The owner lost it in the rain at around 80 mph and slammed the rear wheel into the curb. He was lucky not to flip it.

The cause? He had it in Track Mode in the rain, and with no experience behind the wheel of a Z06.”


When in doubt, driver error is always a good guess. That said, it could have been a lot worse, as illustrated by this picture of a Viper that was flipped by an alleged drunk driver.

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