How-To Tuesdays: Upgrading to Performance Exhaust

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Performance Exhaust for C6 Corvette

 Performance Exhaust for C6 Corvette

Have you been thinking about modifying the exhaust on your Corvette? Chances are you probably have. Upgrading your Corvette’s exhaust is one of those mods that, dollar for dollar, goes a long way toward enhancing the ‘Vette driving experience.

Many Corvette owners hire specialized shops to perform exhaust upgrades. But this is a mod you can also do yourself. It’s actually easier than you think.

Our how-to team has put together a guide for those willing to play around with the Corvette’s exhaust system. Even if you plan on having a shop upgrade your exhaust, there’s plenty in the guide for you, too.

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top image [Billy Boat Performance Exhaust]

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