Time Attack C6 Corvette Z06 Breaks One-Minute Barrier

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For decades, we’ve been hurtling our virtual cars around the Tsukuba circuit in Japan via Gran Turismo, trying to smash that elusive one-minute barrier. It takes quite a lot to come in under that time, including tons of grip, downforce, and power. That this Corvette Z06 managed to complete the herculean task with a naturally-aspirated V8 is astounding. We don’t know many details, aside from what we gather in the video below, but one thing is for sure: this Corvette, and its driver, are worthy of the feat.

This gorgeous American-muscle machine has been given aero bits on pretty much every panel, including a massive rear wing, a huge extended rear diffuser, and cannards at each front corner that are big enough to camp on. Inside is a race-derived, stripped-out interior, with proper rollover protection and chassis stiffening. All of that aero grip, mated to the mechanical grip of giant sticky tires, adds up to a car that can take corners with enough lateral force to pull your face off. (Tsukuba circuit mandates street-legal tires on all time attack groups, slicks are not permitted.) We don’t have any indication as to what tires are used on this car, or how much the body has been modified, but it looks mostly stock.

Another mystery is exactly what’s under the hood. We know the car is naturally aspirated, but that’s about it. The exhaust note sure doesn’t sound like a stock Z06. So we’re confident that this particular racer has more than the 505 horses it left the factory with. With an overall time of 57.971 seconds, this car is within shouting distance of the fastest turbocharged street cars. The outright lap record at this track is a 44.008, however that was done in a Dallara Super Formula car with former F1 driver Kamui Kobayashi at the wheel. So this 57-second run is nothing to sneeze at. Well done.

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