Audio/Electronics Stereo System Installation Info, Amplifiers, Subwoofers, Radar Detectors, Police Scanners, and CB Radios for the Corvette

What do you run in your system?

Old 09-16-2006, 02:03 PM
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Year: 95
Model: coupe

Head Unit: Blaupunkt "key west"

Front Speakers: Infinity Reference 6.5" components

Rear Speakers:
Sub (s): two JL audio 8w3v2 d4's in the stock rear locations
Amplifier (s): Rockford Fosgate 450.4
Sound deadening: elemental design butyl rubber (forget what its called)
Wires: 14 gauge for the speakers, Rockford Fosgate rca cables
Other: vrum vrum's install bracket and custom faceplate
Box: custom amp box/false floor
System Cost: $800, give or take
Install Cost: priceless...did it myself

link to the whole install
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Year: 2004
Model: Z06

Head Unit: Removed
Car PC: Custom from an ABit Motherboard running an AMD64 Athlon 3800+, 1GB DDR2, Lilliput 8" Monitor, 200gb HDD, Bluetooth, Sound Blaster Audigy 2, DVD R/W, etc
Software: Road Runner with Custom made skin
Front Speakers: CDT CL-61 (after blowing the Phoenix Gold Octane R 6.5" tweets)
Rear Speakers: Stock (unused)
Sub (s): 2 MTX 7500 10" - REMOVED
2 ED 13Kv2D2 12"

Amplifier (s): Phoenix Gold 400.2 and 800.1

Sound deadening: Second Skin Damplifier

Wires: Monster

Other: (PAC OEM-Vet1 - removed)

Box: Custom fiberglass/MDF behind seats (REMOVED)
Custom MDF (with some fiberglass) behind seats

System Cost: ~1400 (great bang for the buck) (including redoing for the larger subs)

Install Cost: DIY

And for grins, here is a pic of the MTX Box I replaced with the ED stuff. (Still have it if anyone is interested)

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Thanks for taking a look, all feedback is greatly appreciated

System Diagram

Source Unit: Clarion Pro Audio

Satellite Radio: XM

Ipod Control: Peripheral

Speakers: DLS Nobelium

Subwoofer: Treo Engineering Street Series

Speaker Amplifier: Zapco Reference

Subwoofer Amplifier: Zapco Reference

Wiring: Stinger

Battery: SVR

Sound Dampening: Cascade Audio Engineering

Custom "Stealth" Radar Detection System: K-40 Caliber

The JML Audio Staff

The Vehicle Itself

Source Unit

Mids in Custom Speaker Adaptors

Custom Satellite Radio Mounting

Custom Fiberglass Sub Enclosure


Custom Plexiglass Floating Subwoofer Grill

Custom 2 layer false floor with Custom Plexiglass grill
Trunk Layout

Custom "Stealth" Radar Detection System

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WOW!!!! That looks awesome. Can not wait to hear it when I pick up my car. Josh at JML Audio, you do the best work around. . . no one better.
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Default iPOD


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St. Jude Donor '07

Year: 02
Model: Coupe

Head Unit: Alpine 9847
Processor: NA
Front Speakers: Blaupunkt ODc 660 Components

Rear Speakers: None
Sub (s): JL 10W1
Amplifier (s): Alpine MRV-F450 5Ch
Car PC: I wish
Sound deadening: None, yet
Wires: Stinger 16 Guage for speakers, Memphis Amp kit including RCA's
Box: Custom Stealth Box by Audio Dave
System Cost: Appx 900
Install Cost: Cut hand, various nicks and scrathces and a handfull of Advil. Jetted tub came in handy afterwards
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Year: 2000
Model: Corvette.. It's a ZO6 coupe.

Head Unit: Alpine D-310
Processor: In the head unit
Front Speakers: Diamond Audio D-9's
Rear Speakers: Diamond Audio D-6's
Sub (s): 3 JL Audio 12 W-6's
Amplifier (s): 3 P.P.I. pro class amp's 21400,4800 and a 2150
Sound deadening: Lots of Dynamat
Wires: Ixos Flat 1-0 and Ixos 12 gauge speaker
Other: Two Kinetic Batt. Under hood 1800 CCA in amp rack 800 CCA
Box: Fiberglass custom made by me.
System Cost: Can't tell you my wife might read this.
Install Cost: I did it all with a little help from my freinds..
Here is the install
Keith Podolan
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St. Jude Donor '08-'09


Head Unit:Kenwood KDC-MP732 (MP3/Sirius/OLED screen, built in GTech )

Processor: no sound processor, using just head unit and amps.

Front Speakers: Pioneer 4x6 in dash (competition series - will post model number later)

Rear Speakers: Pioneer 6x9 (competition series - will post model number later)

Sub (s): Alpine 10" (it was free, can't complain. Plus it's white and matches my look. will post model number later)

Amplifier (s): Alpine 4 channel digital (just got it open box at bestbuy for 1/2 off, will post model number later)

Car PC: coming soon, removed it from my other car, will be installing in the Vette.

Sound deadening: nope.

Wires: mix and match of all kinds of wires. No brand names. Also use inline fuses and distro blocks.

Other: 1far cap.

Box: custom flush mount box in rear cargo well and amp deck.

System Cost: I bought this all spread out over the years and just upgrade and swap parts around with my other cars every few minths. But if I bought it all at once right now? Probably around $1200 I pick up everything used or on sale, so it was WAY less than that.

Install Cost:free, I do all my own work.

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Cruise-In II Veteran

Year: 2004
Model: Z06

Head Unit: Alpine IVA D310
Processor: N/A
Front Speakers: Boston Acoustics SL606.5" Components
Rear Speakers: N/A for now
Sub (s): 2x Kicker Solo-Baric S10L7
Amplifier (s): Phoenix Gold Octane-R 5.0:4 & Phoenix Gold R15.0:1
Car PC: N/A
Sound deadening: Dynamat Xtreme
Wires: Monster
Box: Custom Built into partition

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Default 2001 Coupe

Year: 2001
Model:Torch Red Coupe
Head Unit: Alpine 9815
Processor: Built In
Front Speakers: Boston Pro 6.2

Rear Speakers: JBL gto652
Sub (s): MTX 9512-44
Amplifier (s): MTX 81000D
MTX 502
MTX 282
Car PC: Hewlett Packard Laptop
Sound deadening: Dynamat Xtreme
Wires: Streetwires
Other: iPOD interface
Box: Sealed
System Cost: Too Much
Install Cost: Free!! By Me --

System is gutted and being reworked (Again!!)

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Year: 1991
Model: Black Coupe

Head Unit: Pioneer DEH-7300BT w/iPod Touch
Processor: Built In
Front Speakers: Infinity Kappa 5 1/4" components.
Rear Speakers: None
Sub (s): Two 8" Kicker CompVT Series 10C88 8 ohm wired in Parallel.
Amplifier (s): Hifonics Zeus ZRX600.4 4 channel.
Wires: Generic
Other: ZR1 140 amp CS-144 Alternator upgrade, Metra dash kit and custom Subwoofer Grills.
System Cost: $750.
Install Cost: Installed myself and had Mike's Sound Solution in Elk Grove, California fabricate the subwoofer grills.

5 1/4" Infinity Kappa components mounted in the stock door sill location.

Speaker Crossovers mounted behind the seats.

Tweeters are now mounted in the door panels.

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Originally Posted by CK1romeo

I just thought I'd mention that it is good to see that someone else knows the best song to show off a badass setup with!!

I haven't found anything that is quite as brutal as Lets Ride by Ja Rule
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Buddy A
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Year: 2005
Model: Coupe
Head Unit: Stock
Front Speakers: Elemental Designs EDi 6500
Rear Speakers: None
Sub: Elemental Designs 13oV2
Amps: Elemental Designs: NINe 2 & NINe 2x
Box: Custom made MDF w/vinyl covering to match Cashmere
Wiring: Knukonceptz
Other: Speaker plates custom made out of Lexan
System cost: $1,000
Install: Self installed with the advise of some helpful members

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Year: 2000
Model: Coupe

Head Unit: Alpine 9857 w/ Ipod cable
Processor: n/a
Front Speakers: Polk Momo MMC6500

Rear Speakers: n/a
Sub (s): JL Audio 10"
Amplifier (s): Polk Momo C400.4
Car PC: n/a
Sound deadening: Frostking
Wires: 14 g for speakers 8 g for power and ground
Other: speaker plates and amp mounting plate homeade (3/4" MDF)
Box: NassauBlue98 custom (also 3/4" MDF)
System Cost: ~ $800
Install Cost: nada


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Not installed yet, but this is what I will be running:

Head Unit: Panasonic (CQ-VD6503U)

Front Speakers: 6.5 inch MTX Thunder Axe High-End Components (TXC 6.1)

Rear Speakers: 6.5 MTX Thunder Axe Coxials (TDX6502)

Amps: Still to come (mostly likely MTX)

Subwoofer: 12 inch MTX 7500 Dual 4 ohm

Enclosure: Custom
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My Z06 is at the installer and here is what is being installed:

Year: 2002
Model: Z06

Head Unit: Alpine CDA9857

Sirius Satellite SIRALP1 direct connect.

Front Speakers: JL Audio XR653-CS 3-Way Component

Rear Speakers: JL Audio TR525CXI 5.25" 2-Way Coaxial

Subwoofer: JL Audio Stealth Box

Amp: JL Audio 300watt/4 channel amp.


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Year: 1985
Model: Coupe

Head Unit: Panasonic, CQ-8300u
Processor: n/a
Front Speakers: Stock, for now

Rear Speakers: Alpine, Type R, 6.5"
Sub (s): Alpine, Type X, 12"
Amplifier (s): Speakers; Alpine MRP-F240, Sub Alpine MRD-M600
Car PC: n/a
Sound deadening: Dynamat
Wires: Streetwires, 14ga speakers, 12ga Sub, 4ga/8ga power
Other: custom fiberglass rear speaker enclosures, Mp3 player plug out of ashtray/cupholders
Box: 3/4" MDF ported built at home to Alpine type X specs
System Cost: Circa 2k
Install Cost: my time
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Default 97 Corvette C5 PICS subs and amps. carpenter made box.

Year: 97
Model: targa

Head Unit: bose
Front Speakers: org.

Rear Speakers: Kenwood 6"
Sub (s): (3) 1252W Infinity Reference
12" subs
Amplifier (s): INFINITY Reference 7541A 656Watts RMS AMPLIFIER and Infinity Reference 311a 312 Watts RMS Reference Mono amplifier
Car PC: nope
Sound deadening: In the doors
Wires: 4,8,12, ga.
Other: cap., org. CD changer
Box: 3 pc carpenter made mdf, wraped in vinyl and auto carpet.
System Cost: less than $800 or so.
Install Cost: All work was done by myself and free info. from the grate forum.

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Year: 1990
Model: Coupe

Head Unit: Kenwood KRC-608
CD/Processor: KDC-D300
Front Speakers: 6 1/2 Polk

Rear Speakers: 6x9 Polk
Sub (s): -
Amplifier (s): -
Car PC: -
Sound deadening: -
Wires: -
Box: -
System Cost: ~$600.00
Install Cost: Did it myself

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Default My Low Tech Answer

Year: 1981
Model: Coupe

Head Unit: Sony 50 watt something
Front Speakers: Pioneer 4 x6 something

Rear Speakers:
Sub (s): 8" Bazooka with built in 50 watt amp.
Amplifier (s):
Car PC:
Sound deadening:
Wires: Monster
System Cost: Less than $300.
Install Cost: I did it.

I guess I am old enough to remember getting all my car stereo stuff stolen over and over so I try not to have a system some low life thief can't live without. Now at home, that is another story. Lets just say its the best in this neighborhood.

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