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What do you run in your system?

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Default What do you run in your system?

In an attempt to keep this thread "list only" we ask that you direct questions either to the owner of said system, their install thread or speak via PM .. THANK YOU

After trolling around tons of car audio sites over the past couple of months I thought that it would be cool to have a "post your components" thread to see what fellow vette folks run in their cars. I figured a template would be easy to read and easy to follow suit with so here goes:


Head Unit:
Front Speakers:

Rear Speakers:
Sub (s):
Amplifier (s):
Car PC:
Sound deadening:
System Cost:
Install Cost:

Hope we get lots of replies and have fun


Edit: added install cost to system cost on a seperate tab

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Here is mine


Head Unit: Eclipse 8053
Processor: PPI dcx-730 Full active
Front Speakers:Focal Polykevlar 7" midbass (7211 dual 8 0hm home driver)
Focal TN51 tweets Replaced with LPG 25 NFA
DLS Iridium 3" dome midrange

Rear Speakers:
Sub (s): IDQ 12D4
Amplifier (s):Genesis Profile P5 65x4 midbass/midrange 270x1 sub
Added: a/d/s Ps5 40x2 tweets
Car PC:n/a
Sound deadening: Dynamat Extreme / Edesigns v3 / Crazy cowboy kit
Other:Vrumvrum face plate and speaker mounts
Box: Custom by Marv .76ft^3 .5" Birch flat top
System Cost:$2000
Install Cost: self installed through sweat and tears

Newly wired crossover brain replacing the passives (same location) All fits underneath the passenger seat!

Console shot with door down (stock looking)

Console shot with door up showing crossover remote/custom mount

Closeup of crossover mount and PPI remote

update 12-7-06

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St. Jude Donor '06


Head Unit:Eclipse CD5000
Front Speakers:CDT CL-61 2Ways
Rear Speakers:Blose
Sub (s): (2) IDQ10-D4
Amplifier (s):Pheonix Gold
Car PC:n/a
Sound deadening:eDead v3
Wires:4ch RCAs from
Other:Eclipse iPod interface
Box: Subthump Dual 10" flushmount
System Cost:$1500

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Head Unit:Via Epia M10000 with xenarc 7" vga touchscreen running Centrafuse 1.6 front end
Processor: Alpine PXA-H700 --RIPPED OUT! working on totally new system
Front Speakers: CDT CL-61 6.5" components --RIPPED OUT! working on totally new system
Rear Speakers:n/a
Sub (s): Image Dynamics ID12 v.3--RIPPED OUT! working on totally new system
Amplifier (s): Xtant 603x--RIPPED OUT! working on totally new system
Car PC: yes please (installed in an empty Xtant shroud)
Sound deadening: soon, i promise. edit...FINALY DONE! v1se all over, 118 sq ft.
Wires: Monster and PG --RIPPED OUT! working on totally new system knukonceptz for the win
Other: Optima Yellow Top
Box: Custom flush mount--RIPPED OUT! working on totally new system
System Cost: eleventy million dollars (aka I stopped keeping track a long time ago)

working hard on the new system. Will update this when it's done.
original carpc thread
system pics:

newest install:

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Head Unit:CarPC Via Epia M13000
Processor:Windows Compatible
Front Speakers:CDT CL-61 6.5" components
Rear Speakers:CDT CL-6EX
Sub (s):MTX 12"
Amplifier (s):Kicker 700.5
Car PC:GPS, Xenarc 7" Touchscreen, DC-DC power supply, 250Gb drive
Sound deadening:RAAMmat BXT
Other:custom PC case (wood)
System Cost:~$2000
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77 vette
panasonic head unit
ppi 2600 for subs
ppi 6600 for components
2 jl 10w6v2
jl audio 6/4/tweet component
2 1 fared caps (upgrading soon)

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Stock Garbage. That's why I'm
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Good thread starter

Year: 2002
Model: Coupe

Head Unit: Pioneer DEH-P9300
Processor: my brain, kinda slow
Front Speakers: Two sets of Infinity Perfect 6.1s

Rear Speakers: Why would I have rear speakers
Sub (s): Three Infinity Perfect 12.1Ds
Amplifier (s): JBL, two 80.4s and one 1200.1
Car PC: I wish.....scott.fx will set me up some day
Sound deadening: B-Quiet's V-Comp, L-Comp, and Ultimate
Wires: KnuKonceptz
Other: V1, a 12 disc and a 6 disc CD changer. 15 Farad cap
Box: from Walmart
System Cost:two arms and two legs along with some blood and sweat :o
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Year: 2001
Model: Z06

Head Unit: Kenwood MP828
Processor: NA
Front Speakers: Alpine SPS 6.5 components

Rear Speakers: Alpine SPS coaxials
Sub (s): Diamond Audio D310D4, (2)D308D4
Amplifier (s): PPI DCX 1000.4
Car PC: NA
Sound Deadening: NA
Wires: Tsunami
Box: Custom Built Hangover box and Fiberglass side compartment boxes
System Cost: $1,000

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Here ya go:

Year: 2004
Model: Coupe

Head Unit: Kenwood 25 Ann.
Front Speakers: CDT HD 641 comp set, 6 1/2, 4, tweeter in the doors, Stage front tweeters set in the a-pillars.

Rear Speakers: None
Sub (s): Two 8 inch Image Dynamics
Amplifier (s): Cadence Amedaus M4000 4 channel
Car PC:
Sound deadening: Dynamat extreme interior and doors, also Exotic Vette precut kit for heat and sound
Box: Custom
System Cost: $2100 give or take a $100
Install Cost: $0.00

BTW, sounds sweet!

A-Pillar install with Upstage tweeters

Tweeter behind door pull


Hatch all closed up

2 8's, Amp and Crossovers

Crossover pic

Amp and Subs

Carpet matches much better than the photo looks in natural light.


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Year: 05
Model: coupe

Head Unit: Alpine 9835
Processor: None
Front Speakers: DLS Iridium 8" mid, 2" tweets, 3.5" Boston center channel.

Rear Speakers: None. I'll add them if I install DVD and screen in the future.

Sub (s): JL Audio 10w3v2
Amplifier (s): PPI 1000.4
Car PC: Nope.
Sound deadening: Dynamat in the doors. Does a thick lloyds mat count for the rear?
Wires: Rockford Fosgate. Big 1 upgrade.
Other: XM
Box: JL Audio stealthbox.
System Cost: ~ $2000
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Year: 1989

Head Unit: Rockford Fosgate RFX 8240
Processor: Rockford Fosgate
Front Speakers: home audio tweeters and midranges

Rear Speakers: N/A
Sub (s): Rockford Fosgate T112D4
Amplifier (s): Rockford Fosgate T4004 (2)
Car PC: N/A
Sound deadening: Dynamat Xtreme
Wires: Rockford Fosgate Triple braided Riot cables
Other:Sirius S50 Reciever
Box: 1 off ported enclosure
System Cost: not a good guage. some people spend more on install than equipment and also the other way around
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Year: 2004
Model: Coupe

Head Unit: Pioneer AVIC-D1
Front Speakers: CDT 641 3 way components
Rear Speakers: CDT CL6-EX
Sub (s): 2 Infinity 10
Amplifier (s): JL Audio 450/4 & JL Audio 500/1
Car PC: No data to process
Sound deadening: Crazy Cowboys
Wires: Whatever I had laying around
Other: Reverse Cam, XM, IPOD, No money
Box: Twin 10 Stealth Box
System Cost: $4000.00

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Year: 2004
Model: Vert

Head Unit: Avic D1
Front Speakers: JL XR653's

Rear Speakers: nope
Sub (s): JL 10W6
Amplifier (s): JL 300/2 and 250/1
Car PC: i wish
Sound deadening: a bunch of dynamat
Wires: yes
Other: 1/2 Din DVD player in dash, Video Ipod mount molded in, 7 inch LCD in trunk lid, rear view camera, XM NavTraffic
Box: fiberglass with a carbon fiber top
System Cost: too much
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Year: 2004
Model: Coupe

Head Unit: Clarion Pro DRZ9255
Processor: Nope
Front Speakers: McIntosh 6.5" components (May upgrade to Morel Supremo 2 ways)

Rear Speakers: Nope
Sub (s): JBL 12"
Amplifier (s): McIntosh MC440M (2x100 and 4x50)
Car PC: Nope
Sound deadening: Dynamat in doors
Wires: Absolute / Monster
Other: Alumapro 5 farad cap - XM
Box: Subthump
System Cost: Portion of left arm and some rights to future equities.

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Year: 1985

Head Unit: pioneer
Front Speakers: Dynaudio 7.5" mids and 3.5" tweets

Rear Speakers: None
Sub (s): 1 JL 10w7
Amplifier (s): JL 500.1 and a Fosgate 400.4
Car PC: none yet
Sound deadening: dynamat
Wires: Fosgate wires
Other: ipod hookup, yellowtop battery
Box: custom enclosure-ported to JL specs, amp rack, ALL stealth
System Cost: --roughly $2500 roughly

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Year: 2000
Model: Coupe

Head Unit: Premier P1R
Processor: headunit
Front Speakers: Memphis Multi-Sync 8"

Rear Speakers: None
Sub (s): Eclipse 12" Eclipse removed!! Replaced with a Memphis PR124 12"
Amplifier (s): Orion XTR 400.4 and Eclipse 34232(?) Eclipse sold!! Replaced with an Orion XTR 800

Sound deadening: Dynamat
Wires: Phoenix Gold
Other: Flushed mounted amp rack that still allows storage of top
Box: Custom sealed
System Cost: Still ongoing

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Year: 2000
Model: Vert
Head Unit: Shuttle SS58G2 PC with 8" touch screen
Processor: Onboard 5.1 Audio, TOSlink to AMP
Front Speakers: Polk db 6.5" components
Rear Speakers: Polk db 5.25"
Center: Polk db 5.25"
Sub: Elemental Designs 10"
Amplifier: Autotek MM5.1 Dolby/DTS 5.1 channel (50Wx5, 200Wx1)
CarPC: Yep...
Sound deadening: RAAMmat BXT, Ensolite MLC
Wires: Various
Other: P4 2.66MHz, 512Mb RAM, 60Gb 2.5" HD, Garmin GPS-18, WIN TV + FM PCI, Xenarc 800TSV w/ custom bezel, USB slot load DVD, 7port USB 2.0 Hub, 11 in 1 USB Card Reader, Mini keyboard, integrated trackball, USB Dlink 802.11g NIC, XM Commander w/Serial interface, Toshiba Bluetooth USB adapter, Pioneer ND-BC1 reverse camera, Sprint Samsung A900 EVDO phone as modem w/data plan
Box: Custom with PC mounting, Custom Amp and electronics rack
System Cost: ~$2800 plus MANY hours of my time.

Not the best of audio components, but gets the job done and then some.

see more here:

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Year: 1989 (1991 interior)
Model: Coupe

Head Unit: Eclipse 5303
Processor: NA
Front Speakers: Boston 851s
Rear Speakers: NA
Sub (s): two Earthquake EQ6 (in Stock rear Locations)
Amplifier (s):
Amplifier: Elemental Designs NINe.4
Car PC: NA
Sound deadening: RAAMmat, eDead V4
Wires: KnuKonceptz
Other: NA
Box: NA
System Cost: $maybe $1500
Install Cost: $0

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TTT Via my old system in my C4!!

Year: 1993
Model: Coupe

Head Unit: Clarion DXZ835
Processor: None
Front Speakers: Polk Audio DB650

Rear Speakers: (Sub in stock rear location)
Sub (s): 2 Polk Momo 8" (MM series)
Amplifier (s): MTX 4 Channel (I want to say it was the 4244)
Sound deadening: None
Wires: Mostly Tsunami
Box: Used stock rear location, only baffles.
System Cost: 900.00
Install Cost: Installed myself

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