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FS: OK - 02 Silver Z06 850hp / CCW's W/Extras

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Default OK - 02 Silver Z06 850+hp / CCW's W/TONS of Extras

2002 Z06 - Quicksilver Metallic
Miles: 60,464 on the body - 54,030 is when the fresh and forged 346 was done (Nov '14) - 54,301 is when the YSi was installed (Jan '16)
Where: Poteau, Oklahoma 74953 - Just SW of Fort Smith Ark, and 35 Minutes to I-40
Trades?: No
Lien?: No. Clear title in hand.
Price: $27,800
  • For the asking price, I will include all the extras. Extra front tire (new), boxes and totes of additional parts, Car Cover, Jug of Methanol, Etc.
  • Fully documented build, I have a book full of receipts
  • Completely freshened LS6 with forged rods and pistons. When this was done, the block was stripped down to nothing and completely freshened up. The main bearings have been pinned for extra strength, and the rotating assembly has been balanced and blueprinted. All machine work and assembly was performed by a local and reputable engine builder. There is a pretty good sized grind camshaft in the car. Just to clarify, these parts are still factory original and untouched LS6 parts; block, intake, heads, crankshaft.
  • Diamond 2618 pistons, H-beam Callies rods
  • Comp Cam, grind LS1 13019R/13022R
  • Kooks 1 7/8" long tube headers
  • Kooks 3x3 stainless off-road Xpipe
  • Vortech YSi (A&A) - black finish
  • A&A 52mm Big Bubba BOV
  • A&A Secondary Belt Drive
  • A&A in-tank fuel pump
  • Sumped gas tank with secondary 12-1400 Holley Dominator pump
  • Holley fuel rails
  • ID850 injectors
  • Aeromotive FPR, boost referenced
  • -8 fuel supply, -6 fuel return
  • Alkyhaul Methanol Injection - dual nozzle, windshield washer tank used as reservoir
  • FAST wideband digital air/fuel meter (in the picture of this below, there is a screen protector on it)
  • Kooks long tubes with no cats
  • Titanium factory Z06 exhaust with "Titanium mod" done (muffler bypass)
  • McLeod RXT twin disk clutch
  • Ram Billet Flywheel
  • Remote clutch bleeder
  • Fully built T-56 - full list of internals provided by receipt from Rockland Standard Gear
  • Fully built rear differential - DSS output shafts, new short side out and pinion support, and carbon clutches with heavy springs
  • Cartek Linelock - detachable trigger and cord from the ashtray
  • All bearings replaced in the torque tube when everything was apart
  • CCW drag pack, polished (17" fronts, 16" rears),
  • Mickey Thompson Frontrunners, ~360 miles - size 26"x6" - these tires have been on the car for 4 months
  • M&H Roadmasters, ~1700 miles - size 275/55 (28" tall). No burnouts with the M&H's as I haven't tracked the car, just some spirited driving. No plugs or patches. I've had the M&H's about 13 months.
  • MGW billet shifter
  • Lowered on stock bolts
  • Windows tinted 20%, windshield tinted 35%
  • RPI Designs fitted car cover
  • Comes with 4 lift pads (aka hockey pucks)
  • Lots of extra and spare parts

In an effort not to confuse anyone that may have been looking through the C5 listings a few months ago, I will start off by saying this is the same car that was posted by "Richard Cranium" on 4/23/19. The car was just posted, I saw it, I called him, and wired him the funds the next day. I wasnt even in the market for a C5, and was looking for another low mileage C6Z, but this one caught my eye, and the rest is history. Car was shipped enclosed to me, by some of the best in the business. I purchased the car completely site-unseen, as I have done with probably the last 8 Corvettes from this forum. Car arrived at my door absolutely better than expected. Darren was phenomenal to deal with, and there were zero surprises. Once again, the integrity of our members is something to be commended. I have spoken with Darren about basically copying his add, and have spoken with him about the sale. I will have to look at my transport receipt to get the actual mileage of the car when it arrived at my door, but going off the listed mileage from Darren's old post, I have put exactly 211 miles on the car since I purchased it on 4/24. I have updated the mileage figure above to show this. I live 12 miles from work, and have driven it to work roughly 8 times, and have takin it out for two short saturday drives. I will post some "new" pictures latter in the week, when I have time to back it out of the garage and take some. There is obviously zero change in the condition of the car from his prior pictures. After I purchased the car, I requested the tuner take a look at the tune on the car, and look at remove some timing up top. I wanted to ensure there was plenty of room left, and that the tune was very conservative. This was done, and were estimating it probably lowered the RWHP by 15-20hp. Not something you would probably ever feel, but I like things nice and safe. I spoke with the shop that built the car, and they were extremely familiar with it. They spoke very highly of the prior owner, his attention to detail, and the level of work on this machine. This change in the tune is the only change from his prior listing.

The question I'm sure everyone is asking at this point if you have read this far, is why the sale? An unfortunate event within my immediate family, and we will leave it at that. The car is paid for, and this sale is NOT a necessity. However, under the circumstances, I've deemed it best to sell it, re-appropriate the funds with the need at hand. I am extremely happy with the car, and am saddened by the fact I most likely will not be able to enjoy it.

Darren has graciously agreed if you have any questions that possibly I couldn't answer, he would be willing to. Please, obviously, direction any questions to me first. I have sold quite a corvettes on this forum, including several C6Z's that were purchased by over-seas buyers. Please feel free to PM me, and I will send you my number.

Here is the link to his prior post:

From this point down, is the copied text from Darren's post.

I bought this car from a buddy about a year ago, he bought this car completely stock about 10 years ago and has brought it to this level himself. It should speak volumes that I agreed to purchase this car without even driving it. I've seen the car around and at some events, and know how much attention to detail he has with his own projects.The car was built to play, with the intentions of seeing some track time as well as some 1/2 mile events. All while maintaining street manners, which it is VERY easy to drive around. The only thing keeping me from saying this car drives around like stock is simply because of the big cam, but even so it still has excellent street manners and can be driven anywhere. Drive it to the track with the air conditioning on, drive it home. The car was tuned by Mayhem Motorsports in Raleigh NC, the tune is conservative and needs nothing for driving/cruising around. In the pictures below, I took a photo of the last page in his maintenance log. Details of the builder/previous owner you ask? He always documented each oil service and the MPG. The car runs great, idles great, and never bucks or cuts off. Those guys at Mayhem know the car well and can surely testify for how nice and solid this car is. The car has been over 170mph in the 1/2 mile, that is with MS109 in the tank and 2 degrees more timing (estimated around 950rwhp). The two most common things I hear from folks are how cool the supercharger sounds, and that the exhaust sounds nice but isn't ridiculously loud. And if you couldn't guess, this is a fair weather car only, otherwise it is garaged and covered.

Imperfections, you ask? Sure, I'm all about full disclosure. I'm also a very detail oriented person, so don't be alarmed by there being several notations below. I'd rather paint a picture of what you would see in person than leave you to discover these things on your own. I hate surprises. Just noting the car has 60k miles, so there is the occasional imperfection here or there from driving it. No dents or dings, just normal spots you'd expect from a driver.

There is a little trash in the windshield tint in the lower passenger side corner. If I didn't point it out to you, it would take you a long time to spot (if you ever did). It's not in any line of sight, so it is strictly cosmetic.

  • I've been chasing a very minor coolant drip. There is no consistency when it drips. Occasionally after a little bit of driving, the car will literally drip 1 or 2 drops of coolant immediately after turning the car off. I've looked several times after a drive, and each one of those times the car never dripped anything. UPDATE: I have not experienced any coolant drops on my floor over the last 211 miles.
  • There is a small imperfection in the drivers side rocker panel. Paint is still intact, and the imperfection is smaller than Lincoln's head on a penny. Small, but there. Again, the owner is likely the only one to notice this one.
  • Every once in a blue moon, the gas gauge will drop to zero. A simple reset in the cluster and it works again, and likely won't show its face again for months. UPDATE: This has not happened to the car under my ownership either.
Videos and Pictures:

  • Startup video, taken 4/23

  • Walk around video, taken 4/24

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Did the last sale fall through or did you just buy this?
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Sale pending.

Edit 6-20. Buyer is unable to complete the transaction. Car is now available.

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Lets bring this up.
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