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GM lost me as a new C7 GS buyer

Old 01-20-2018, 06:45 AM
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Default GM lost me as a new C7 GS buyer

with how tribal everyone seems on this forum I know I'll get flamed for posting this but whatever

GM has a real problem on their hands that they cannot get millennials to buy corvettes...

I am a "millennial".. I have a good job, I have always loved GM v8 based cars, cts-v, z06, camaros, etc.. I currently have a c5z. Of the millennials, I am one of the more likely ones to drop the cash for a c7gs.... and yet they lost me as a buyer

I have been looking at getting a brand new c7gs for quite some time and to be honest, most of the cars on the lots had pretty bad paint issues, bumper fitment issues, etc and it's a huge turn off.

This is why GM lost me as a buyer for a new c7gs:
  • multiple c7gs/c7z I've looked at on the lot had terrible paint issues where the bumpers meet, etc. poor fitment. This is not acceptable. Don't care what excuses 80% of you forum members have made but this is BS. This is the "halo" car and yet you can get a better factory paint QC out of a toyota camry..
  • I've read multiple people on the forum who HAVE had paint issues and still bought the car. They get the runaround w/ GM and dealer of how to fix the paint issues or buyback, etc.. NO THANKS. I had one of the "best" shops in my area in LA paint my camaro after an accident where someone hit me, and had to take it back 3 times until it was acceptable. Plus the fact, the last chance I took the car in to the paint shop, they ended up damaging the center console and claimed the damage was there when the car was brought in. I had to threaten to take them to court for them to compensate me for the damage. Granted the work on my particular camaro was not done at a GM dealer, but the point stands that body work usually is half assed. No way in hell would I be ok with a dealer "fixing" my paint on my brand new $75k vehicle.
  • The apparent large volume of c7z and c7gs rims being bent so easily....
  • Minor personal aesthetic gripes but worth mentioning.. Steering wheel looks pretty bland and large aluminum surface. Something more race inspired like the newest gen mazda miata steering wheel or porsche steering wheels would look 100% better. Also, the vents around the tail lights on the c7 looks hideous and will go down in history as bad looking. That def will not age well. I'm A OK with them trying to change up the tail lights from being round but be honest with yourself, that back end design with the vents around the tail lights looks like an afterthought. The only version of c7 tail lights that look ok is the c7z with the clear tail lights paired with the wider hips.

Maybe I'll catch a used c7gs in a few years with decent paint.. I wanted to like the c7gs but I'm gunna pass on it and wait for the c8 or midengine or whatever next comes out. GM needs to fix their paint QC issues and their customer service to stand behind their product better. Nothing is going to change unless people vote with their $$ or atleast complain or both.

I didn't write down the entire backstory but for anyone who cares. I currently have a camaro and a c5z. So I am definitely a big fan of GM v8 drivetrain. I'm not a porsche/bmw/audi fanboy..

I like buying cars and keeping them for a long time and driving the hell out of them. I don't want a ferrari/porsche/bmw/audi that has to have those crazy expensive services every few years. If the car is always in the shop then what is the point of even having it? I DD my c5z

I was shopping between a used gen V viper, used c6z, used c6zr1, used c7z, new c7gs, jaguar f-type.
  • Jaguar seemed too much money for what it was, trunk was non-existent. Also questionable reliability
  • used gen V vipers were too expensive for what it is. Getting in and out of the viper sucked because I'm short and I have to have the seat nearly all the way forward. I wish the vipers had memory position seats that back up for you to enter/exit easier. I'm 26 and it was even a pain in the *** for me. Also didnt have HUD
  • used c6z had famous valve issues that I dont want to deal with. Yeah I know you can order fixed heads etc but I just dont want to deal with that issue, worried my motor is going to grenade
  • used c6zr1 may or may not have valve issues as well... dont wanna deal with that. Also, dont want carbon brakes, I prefer the steel rotors
  • c7z/c7gs was clearly the overall best product for the $$ in that rough price range. Main things that I liked are

Don't get me wrong, the C7z/c7gs is the best product around that price point. I just cant drop the cash when so many of them have paint issues on the lots that I have seen with my own eyes. Plus the terrible customer service accounts I've read on this forum and of people that I personally know. Thus, as I said in my first post, I will wait and see if I happen to find a used c7gs unicorn that had good fitting bumpers, no paint issues, etc, or just wait for c8/midengine etc. Maybe might buy a c7gs at the last year of the production if all the paint issues are infact dealt with with the new facility. At that point tho, might as well get c8

EDIT AGAIN on 180122:
I want to set a few things straight.. Many of you need a reading comprehension class. I believe a lot of what I posted above was taken out of context to attack me
  1. I am fine with some orange peel. Also fine with some of the panels/hood dont all have 100% perfect alignment with eachother. This is NOT my issue. My issue is with the chipped/flaked paint where the headlights/bumper/quarterpanel meet and/or back bumper/rear quarterpanel meet. I never expected a $30k showcar paint finish, and I never asked for it above.
  2. I mentioned my age solely for the point that people my age don't buy vettes to begin with, and I want one, and they still lost my $ when I should have been an easy sell. THAT'S IT! Nothing more, nothing less. Didn't realize the term "millennial" was such a dog-whistle for everyone to freak out. Furthermore, I was never alleging that this was why millennials do not buy corvettes, which many of you failed to realize the nuance there.
  3. I'm not asking for anything to be catered toward myself. I'm purely posting what I have found
  4. Mentioned my PERSONAL GRIPES with the car aesthetics but they are not deal breakers. These are things that I was just off-handedly mentioning that I would have preferred to be different or changed for c8.
  5. As I stated, I'm not considering purchasing another brand at this time, I will wait and see if the new paint shop infact fixed the issues and/or wait for c8. Or, in few years purchase a USED c7gs with the paint issues and touchup the spots with touchup paint. My point was they should not happen on a NEW CAR from factory. If you disagree with me then cool, do w/e the hell you want with your $. I'll do whatever the hell I want with mine
  6. Part of my problem is I want a MANUAL, Grand Sport, in Black or Blue, in 2LT+, which quickly limits the prebuilt cars available on lots.
  7. Nice to see so many kind folk on the forum attacking someone who ALREADY owns 2 chevrolet products (c5z and z28), just because he posted his frustration with the c7 paint quality....

Picture says 1000 words..

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Old 01-20-2018, 07:13 AM
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Old 01-20-2018, 07:13 AM
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Your post makes sense to me, no flames here....
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Old 01-20-2018, 07:18 AM
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Sounds like you’re standard for paint is quite high. I think my black c7 looks great. I doubt a used grand sport will somehow have perfect paint especially considering it will be, um, used. First day of driving my Vette and some road debrie got kicked up into my driver side door and left a mark. I buffed most of it out but I still know that mark is there and with more use the more paint issues will present.

You asked the forum members to be honest with ourselves, I’ll ask you to be honest, you really don’t like the c7 design do you? That’s how it sounds to me and that’s okay.

Thanks for sharing your disappointment, it was helpful to us all. Lol.

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Old 01-20-2018, 07:26 AM
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To many excuses to not buy one.Deep down you don't even like it.Bitching about the design too..
I think the Baby needs attention...
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Old 01-20-2018, 07:29 AM
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Write GM a letter or get in contact with one of their reps and let them know your thoughts.
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Old 01-20-2018, 07:30 AM
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Originally Posted by mammoth713 View Post
GM needs to fix their paint QC issues and their customer service to stand behind their product better. Nothing is going to change unless people vote with their $$ or atleast complain or both.
GM did fix it, they invested a ton of money in the plant and the new paint shop and the newest cars coming out of it don't have these issues. If you order a new one or buy one off the lot that was built after the plant reopened in November you'll find the quality has greatly improved. I'm extremely happy with my 2018's paint quality and fit and finish.
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Old 01-20-2018, 07:34 AM
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just say can't afford it! just kidding
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Originally Posted by kitesurfer View Post
just say can't afford it! just kidding
OMG now you’ve done it. This is where we hear about incredible spending power; six homes, 100s of exotic cars, women, jewels.
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Old 01-20-2018, 08:06 AM
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Your complaints are legit. Saying they're the explanation for millennials not buying C7's is ridiculous. Millennials aren't passing on Corvettes because of paint issues and body panel fitment. I know that's *your* issue, but you are really missing the forest here...
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Old 01-20-2018, 08:07 AM
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Originally Posted by DALE#3 View Post
To many excuses to not buy one.Deep down you don't even like it.Bitching about the design too..
I think the Baby needs attention...

So don't buy one.
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Originally Posted by JumpingJackFlash View Post
The OP is a millennial. Need I say more? You think the forum can send him a participation trophy?
Too funny
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Old 01-20-2018, 08:18 AM
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If I were that picky and discerning I wouldn't have a Corvette. I love my Corvette. Ignorance is bliss. I suggest the OP take his millennial wealth and spend $100K+ on a nice, high quality, German engineered precision Porsche 911. Me, I could never drive anything that slow.

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Old 01-20-2018, 08:26 AM
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Go buy something else...the german 911 sounds like what you would prefer.

You don't like the design ..hey different strokes for different folks...

The new paint booth facility offers a better quality for 2018 model year and up.

I'm not a paint quality afficiando and never noticed the differences...but if you do...then spend a little extra and buy a 2018 or newer.

If you don't like the design...well thanks for coming by the forum filled with corvette owners to tell them how you feel.
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OP, you have to remember that this forum only represent a fraction of all C7 (and Corvette's in general) owners. Additionally, public forums are usually places for people to complain or share information. You will probably find few posts of people actually praising their car. BTW, I'm a millennial and have a 2017 GS with zero problems.
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Originally Posted by davidtcpa View Post

So don't buy one.
Exactly. No long explanations needed. With so many choices out there, buy something else that makes you happy.
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It sounds to me like the C7 is not for you. Maybe you should be looking at a BMW M4 or Porsche Cayman?

The Corvette is an excellent sports car, but its still a Chevy. You've gotta take the bad with the good. A car that performs at the level of a car that costs twice as much has got to have some compromises.

If you change your mind and come back to the Corvette, just look carefully at each car you are considering before you buy it. Make sure the one that you buy has good body panel fitment and minimal paint flaws. Once you have purchased the one you want, send it to a good detail shop and have the paint corrected and ceramic coated for $1300.00 or so. Problem solved.

Finally, you will find that the seemingly huge flaws tend to melt away when you actually drive the car. Your neighbors, bystanders, and random admirers will also have a less pessimistic attitude towards the car.

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OP has legitimate complaints and thats fine. The difference here is that the OP does not own a C7 and most of us do. I happen to have two, a black one and a yellow one, love both of them and paint quality is good. Is it as good as a Toyota Camry? I don't know because i don't have one of those. Now, most millennials cannot afford a corvette, why, because they are busy working and raising families and thats how it should be. OP does not say he is single but probably is, probably rents an apt and has no kids. So he can afford his camaro and a camry. A camry sounds like a better fit for the OP for now. In the future perhaps a corvette will fit his lifestyle, and thats ok too.
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Born in 1981 I'm a "Xennial" or whatever they call us in-betweeners now. Have had 4 C5s and bought a 2014 Z51 in November. The paint is a 8.5 out of 10 and I have had some of the common bumper edge chipping and my door fit was poor. Some time at my buddy's body shop and the car is dialed in great. Now I agree you should never have to do that with a new expensive sports car. It it seems the newest ones from the new paint shop are much improved.

All said, being a Millennial has nothing to do with it. The issues on some of these cars annoy all age groups if you're picky and see the car as something special you intend to keep. If you're they'll type to get a new Vette every few years then who cares. Most millennials I know are hip deep in debt and can't buy a house let alone a $80K car.
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Quick Reply: GM lost me as a new C7 GS buyer

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