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2016 C7 Navigation Map Update

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Old 02-14-2018, 06:51 PM   #21
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Originally Posted by tarepas View Post
How do you install the update or does the dealer do it? THX
It comes on a thumb drive. Just plug it in. Car must be running during the update which takes about 45 minutes.

Originally Posted by walleyejack View Post
but waze eats up data like crazy
It sure does. Plus, Waze via Android Auto is a subset of stand-alone Waze and not as comprehensive. I've tried using it with mixed results. In the Big City there are so many people using Waze that the screen is cluttered with "reports." And in the country there are so few people on Waze that it has no benefit compared to a regular Nav unit. It's probably best in a suburban environment. Oh, and cops know about Waze, so your chances of a valid report are about 50/50. It can warn you of congestion, but that assumes you have a choice. You don't always, which is why there is congestion in the first place. I have found that when it says there is congestion I can look out the window to verify it. In other words, it's too late. I've also noticed my phone gets very hot when using Waze, even when I intentionally move it so it has some air flow. I don't know for sure, but it seems to use an unusual amount of CPU power. You absolutely have to keep it plugged in or it will run down the battery.

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Originally Posted by jimmbbo View Post
IMO the "best" turnkey navigation solution is yet to be found,
I disagree. For one, out of all the options, pretty much by definition, at least one needs to be the best.

and my experience with GM's nav, iPhone CarPlay/Apple maps and Waze show that each has their unique "issues" with either being cumbersome to implement and use,
There's your problem! You're using an iPhone!

Seriously though - I've been using AA for a few years now. I use the Google ecosystem. The integration between the Google ecosystem and AA with Google Maps is amazing. Owing to the fact that I keep a pretty tight calendar, 90% of the time when I get in the car and fire her up connecting AA there's a card right there saying "Are you going to this event?" to which I tap and I'm off to the races under navigation. Meantime I can listen to all my music off the phone, my podcasts or things like TuneIn while I navigate to my next event. No unique issues here.

dealing with a brain dead verbal interface or software chewing data like it was candy....
The only brain dead verbal interface I know of is the factory nav. I took 20 minutes trying to get it to understand that I wanted to go to the local DMV. It couldn't handle the task! Whipped out Google and said "OK Google, navigate to the DMV" and it got it on the first try. Similarly just about any time I ask Google to say find a nearby restaurant or shop it finds it and with a tap of a button it's added as a stop. Tired after going out night - I merely say "Hey Google, let's go home" and wham I got directions. Get a call - I can easily answer it. Text message, I can easily dictate a respond and I can easily send my friend my real time location so they know exactly when I arrive.

Perhaps iCarPlay or iMaps or iWhatever... Siri can't handle such things much like the HomePod is just an expensive speaker with little smarts. But in my world Google handles it just fine.

My "solution" for local driving is to use the GM nav and either suffer "talking" with Nancy the NavNazzi or manually enter the information, and when going on a trip to unknown locations, back it up with Waze or Google Maps on my iPhone as best fits the situation (however, to give Nancy credit, she was able to direct me to a fairly obscure winery in the Sierra Nevada foothills after the three tries it took to get her to understand "Ironstone", the name of the winery)
FWIW, I bought the USB update to get the '18 map updates for the obscene amount of $164 shipped, and will likely not update it for another 2-3 years...
I think you're problem is the iEcosystem. See -

OK though Apple's finally getting better but still loses -
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Old 02-15-2018, 09:44 AM   #23
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^^^^^^ hahah. these guys are funny. great real life testing. i m an avid Droid user, and like how it works.
thanks for posting this Defaria.
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Old 02-15-2018, 01:54 PM   #24
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Originally Posted by tarepas View Post
How do you install the update or does the dealer do it? THX
The instructions are to insert the USB update thumb drive into the car's USB port with the engine running and it does its magic automatically in under an hour... they advise the car can be driven (nav will be inoperative) and warn not to turn the car off till the update is complete. Other CF threads have some workarounds for the "engine must be running" requirement, but mine updated in about a half hour of cruising on a pleasant day,
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Z51 is NOT a model, okay.
You have a base C7.
BTW all navi systems are NOT model specific, so on NAVI update for all.
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