10 Techniques to Use in Daily Driving

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Understanding what it takes to be a good driver isn’t just good for you, but for everyone around you.

Chances are most of you here practice good driving tactics. If you are a proud Corvette owner, you probably are more aware of your surroundings than others. With all that horsepower under your feet, you’re more likely to understand what it takes to control you car, while still having fun and being considerate to others. This reason could be because you have love for the car you own, which makes you more aware of your driving environment. Sadly the same can’t always be said for others on the road. Let’s be honest, for every nine good drivers, there is probably one really bad one sharing the road at the exact same time. In fact some of those bad drivers might even live in your social media feed.

The 10 driving practices shown in the video below highlight some of the basics, and also the most important everyday tactics. If you have friends who aren’t skilled drivers, do them a favor and send them this clip. Try not to make it passive aggressive. The goal is to not hurt feelings, but to prevent them from hitting nice cars like yours. And even if you are one of the better drivers out there, consider pressing play, as this is a great gentle reminder of everything you’re doing right.

If everyone who drives takes this video to heart, the world will genuinely be a safer and better place.

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