10 Things Only Corvette Owners Think Are Cool

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Ever find yourself looking at something and thinking: only another Corvette fan could really appreciate this?

Sure, there are some things that all car enthusiasts might share a love for, especially when it comes to American automobiles, many of which are highlighted in the video below from our friends at Car Throttle. But there are also a few things considered “cool” that might be more unique to those who share a passion for Corvettes.

Here are 10 that immediately come to mind:

1. Red as an exterior color.

2. The manual transmission – even though one might personally own an automatic Corvette.

3. Anything and everything that features the American flag.

4. The legendary 6.2-liter LS9 V8 engine.

5. Bowling Green, Kentucky.

6. The name “Blue Devil.”

7. Any vehicle with an extended hood, although it should quickly be dismissed as a Corvette wannabe.

8. Anything that has the letter “C” with a number after it (ex. C1, C2, C3…)

9. Black as an exterior color.

10. The letter “Z” because of the Zora, ZR1, and Z06 ties.

What are we forgetting? Let us know!

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via [Car Throttle]

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