What’s the Best Car to Keep Miles Off the Corvette?

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We already talked about what everyone here uses as a daily driver, but what if you want a daily and don’t have one yet? What should you get? Arctic Blastoff has a sweet new Z06, and he wants to keep the miles off of it. So he reached out to the forum to get some opinions. He is looking for something under the $35k mark, but it needs to be fun, and either FWD or AWD so it can serve faithfully in poor weather.

It didn’t take long for everyone to start chiming in with lots of great choices, from bigger trucks like the Tahoe to smaller and sportier things like the Subaru STI. Arctic Blastoff even mentioned a lightly modified Civic Si. Of course no talk about a daily in the Corvette world would be complete without a passing mention of the Corvette-powered SS sedan, but that doesn’t fit the AWD/FWD requirement.

For my money, I think I might end up with a Fiesta ST. Lots of power for its size, plenty of room in the hatch, and fuel economy and insurance should be super cheap.

But let’s hear some more answers. There are only four pages in this thread, and I know we can easily push this beast to 15. So start throwing out some suggestions, and feel free to chime in on the other suggestions from your fellow members.

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