Is Your Corvette Your Daily Driver? If Not, What Is?

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We all know the Corvette is basically one of the greatest cars in the world, but it isn’t exactly practical or comfortable for everyone to use as a daily driver. Sometimes it’s poor weather, or perhaps bad parking conditions at work, or maybe the fuel mileage. Whatever the reason, the vast majority of Corvette owners use their sports car as a toy. Corvette Forum member, Glasact, is one of these owners who uses a second car as a daily, and he put out a call to other forum members to find out what cars they drive every day. The results are awesome.

There are lot of folks that chimed in saying that the Corvette is their daily, but we also have a lot of truck owners here. We also have a fair number of people using a Mustang for their daily, which surprised the heck out of me. Why not get a Camaro, and have the glorious power of the LS small block all the time? Some of the other standouts include a few motorcycles, a Ford Focus ST, a Porsche Cayenne Turbo, and a couple of BMWs.

While there are some oddballs out there, it seems that the vast majority of you guys stick to General Motors’ other brands. We have Cadillac, GMC, and even Saturn in the mix. If you haven’t paid a visit to the thread yet, I think you should. And be sure to share your daily with the world, even if that daily is your V8 piece of America.

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