What Was Your First Corvette Mod?

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There is little in this world that is more exciting than picking up your new Corvette. Heck, it doesn’t even have to be new to anyone but you; regardless of age or previous owners, there is just a very magical feeling that comes with claiming America’s sports car as your own. But you can’t really call it “mine” until you add a special touch or two. Corvette Forum member, Mr. 5, posted up a thread asking people about what their first mod was after they picked up their Corvette. See, Mr. 5 is taking ownership of a nice new C5 and wants to know where he should start.

Of course we have a lot of the fans of adding a cold air intake, new catback exhaust, and even a few cries to get rid of the run-flat rubber. And we got a few visual changes too, like tinted windows, new headlights, and different radio antennas.

That said, we only have 38 posts in the thread, and I think we can do better. So head on over and let us know what changes you think Mr. 5 should keep in mind.

This is a C5 Z06, so try to keep mods in mind for that, but if you have a different generation car and still have a mod you really loved, hop in and share it. The more the merrier.

Chime in with your thoughts on the forum. >>

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