1,000-HP C6 Corvette Hits 181 MPH in Half-Mile

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C6 Fire

SlipStream has been organizing racing events since 2012 under the mantra, “Get out there and race.” This year, their ½-Mile Invitational event was hosted on a vacant airstrip in Pennsylvania. The tarmac found itself being beaten on by 911s, GTRs, McLarens, and even a Saturn ION. But out of the extensive list of cars, this one filmed by Jesse Kleiber, a.k.a. BigKleib34, has caught our attention.

C6 Fire

This C6 Corvette was built by East Coast Supercharging, a tuning shop based out of New Jersey. Thanks in part to a Vortech YSi supercharger, the estimated horsepower getting cranked out is somewhere north of 1,000. The meaty slicks can be seen struggling for traction as the driver short-shifts through the first few gears.

For the C6’s last and fastest pass (shown first in the video below), the ‘Vette cracks 181 mph, crossing the half-mile line at 18.595 seconds. Traction issues are evident; during that same run, he hits the quarter-mile in 12.797 seconds trapping 124.99 – his lowest trap for the day.

C6 Fire

What’s more concerning than poor traction is a small fire that erupts from under the car. Luckily this wasn’t during the pass, but on the return road. We’re glad the driver had the wherewithal to have a small fire extinguisher handy, which served well in controlling the flames before they got out of control.

We’re looking forward to seeing this car pop up again at more half-mile events. Who knows? If he can curb some of the traction issues, maybe we will see him break into the 190s.

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