1984-1996 Antenna Bypass Switch

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Antenna Bypass Switch 1984-96
My car 1992 A4
Materials List
1- Toggle switch
2- Crimp connectors
(for switch)
8 ft of 16 ga. wire
2- 16 ga. butt connectors
Heat shrink tube
I got all this stuff for less than 10
Remove or Disconnect
Pass seat &
Console door
Console trim plate (has lighter, indicator lamp,
& hatch release connections)
Lower trim panel-RH
Console side trim
Switch Assembly
Ok, cut 2 wires about 4ft. long.
Crimp the switch connectors to one end of the 2 wires, then install 1.5
inch long piece of heat shrink tube over the 2 connections.
the connectors to the switch. Cut 3- 1 inch long piece�s of shrink tube,
fish all 3 over both wires and space them out about 1ft. and
This is the switch and harness in one neat
Locating Antenna Wire
Under the lower trim panel,
locate the rear body harness�s white connector (15 cavity double connector
on the rear body harness) it has 2 flat block connectors coming from the
instrument panel attached to it. Locate cavity �C�. It has a �Pink� wire
coming from the white connector toward the rear of the car. I don�t know
if the wire is �Pink� all the way back to the radio. Keep looking it�s
there, aren�t you glad we removed the seat & base. Found it, Ok measure
back about 2 inch�s (toward the rear of the car) from the white harness
connector and cut the �Pink� wire. I know it�s hard to make that cut,
after the wire is cut before you go any farther reconnect the battery,
turn on the radio; the antenna should not go up. Now disconnect the
battery. Strip about .25 inch of the insulation off the ends of the �Pink�
wire, now install the 2- blue butt connector�s and crimp.
My Switch
I installed my switch in the console trim plate just under
and to the right of the rear hatch release button inside the console
compartment. My switch is a black plastic unit that blends well with the
rest of the console compartment. It was a tight fit and the switch is down
when the antenna is down (bypassed) and up when the antenna operates
You�re Switch Placement and Connection
take some time here to look at the placement of the switch. Yours may be
different than mine. Look at the size of the switch, how the wires
connect, the length of the wires (4ft should be enough to get to the
console compartment).
If you place the switch in the console
compartment you can fish the switch wires up the console carrier around
and upto the �Pink� wire. Cut excess wire off, strip off .25 inch of
insulation and make connections to �Pink� wire. I did not use heat shrink
tube in this area due to the confined space. Then I used some small zip
ties to neatly tuck up the switch wires.
Test the Switch
that everything is connected reconnect the battery and turn on the radio.
If the antenna goes up then flip the switch, it should go down and
Everything else on the radio should operate as
Time to put it all back together. Vacuum the
carpet under the seat while it�s out.
Hope fully don�t have any lost or
left over screws.
Good Luck� Denver
author of this Tech Tip is not responsible for the accuracy and/or the
adequacy of the instructions set forth and/or any damage that any person/s
does to any vehicle/s.

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