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CORRECTION Auto Show 2014 Corvette

Some early details about the updates for the new 2016 Corvette have been leaked, and we’re betting there are going to be some pretty happy fans here at Corvette Forum, especially those of you who have been waiting to finally pick up that new Stingray.

According to a Corvette Blogger report, after sorting through internal GM ordering guides, an employee at Coughlin Chevrolet in Ohio found there are going to be a range of new body and interior colors to pick from, including new colors for the convertible canvas roof.


As we first reported here, it now seems certain that the Velocity Yellow (pictured above, and a personal favorite of mine) is going to be swapped out for a new shade of yellow. There’s supposedly also a Crystal Red Tin Coat that’s expected to be added to the Corvette’s color pallet.

Here’s a rundown of a few other monumental changes that we can expect with the 2016 Corvette, according to Coughlin, which are expected to be officially announced at a National Corvette Museum event later this month when the new 2016 Stingray and Z06 will debut.

  • Convertible 2016 C7s will be offered with a Bastille Red canvas top or a Night Shadow Blue top.
  • New interior colors will include Spice Red and a new sueded black or sueded red option.
  • Twilight Blue interior option will now be offered on standard cars from the C7 Z06.
  • The ability for buyers to be able to choose either Red or Yellow stitching will return.
  • Two-tone seats will be an option.
  • An optional carbon flash and spectra grey exterior trim will be available.
  • A new full length Satin Black stripe will be offered as an option.
  • The Stingray and Z06 will get new wheel codes for the 2016 model.
  • New exterior decals will be available for the Z06.

There’s also speculation from the order guide that an exposed carbon hood might be offered on the 2016 model with talk of a C7.R Special Edition. We’ll know more soon!

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