5 Facts to Know About the Groundbreaking Corvette SR-2

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You probably won’t find a lot written about the Corvette SR-2, but that doesn’t negate its historical significance.

In fact, the SR-2 might have one of the more interesting histories of any Chevy that never made it into full production. So here are five facts that every Corvette fan should know about the car, as highlighted in a recent Super Chevy report.

1. There were three SR-2s built in the mid-1950s by the General Motors Styling Section as experiments in Fiberglass.

2. Of the three SR-2s built, one was for Jerry Earl (son of GM VP Harley Earl), the second was commissioned by stylist Bill Mitchell (which hit 152 mph at Daytona Beach), and the third was custom made for GM President Harlow Curtice.

3. The SR-2 designed for Curtice was the only one built for street driving.

4. Curtice’s SR-2 was the first Corvette fitted with fuel injection, which became an option for the 1957 model year, as well as a four-speed synchronized manual transmission.

5. The redesigned 1958 Corvette featured a number of styling cues picked up from the SR-2 including faux hood louvers, covered taillights, quad headlights, chrome hood, and trunklid trim.

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