5 Reasons to Hold Back on Corvette’s Bose Audio Upgrade

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Corvette Interior Bose Speaker Grille

Here’s why it might be a good idea to save yourself $4,455.

The price difference between a 1LT and 2LT Corvette is $4,455. Included with the more luxurious 2LT package is a powerful, 10-speaker Bose audio system that’s loud enough to shake your neighbor’s house off its footings. If the idea of demolishing your neighbor’s house with soundwaves appeals to you, then by all means, upgrade to 2LT and crank it up, but if you’re like most people looking to save some hard-earned cash, here’s why it may be a good idea to go the more austere 1LT route.

Corvette Interior
1. Your Corvette C7 already comes with Bose as standard. 

The 1LT package base Stingray comes with a 9-speaker Bose system that sounds pretty great already. Do you really need your small two-seater to sound like a concert stage?

2.  Again, it costs $4,455 to upgrade to the 2LT package. 

With a spare $4,455 you can buy more than 30,000 miles-worth of fuel for your Corvette. With the way winter forces many Corvette owners to garage their cars, that’ll be more miles than you’ll do in the first 10 years.

3. The exhaust sounds better than the radio.

“The music the exhaust makes is all I want to hear 24/7,” Corvette Forum member “BrookenookZ51” said in a recent thread. We couldn’t agree with them more. The sound of an LT1 at full bore is one of our favorite sounds in the world. Pull out “fuse 42” and go for a cruise — you’ll never want to listen to the stereo again.


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4. There’s nothing good on the radio these days anyway. 

When we do listen to something in the car, it’s usually talk radio or perhaps a podcast we’ve downloaded. Why hit the FM button to listen to the crap kids these days call “music”? You don’t need high-fidelity audio or a precise sound stage to get the most out of a person talking, and you certainly don’t need to hear any more detail from the crap that Bieber kid is putting out.

5. Wouldn’t you rather just talk to your passenger?

Whether you’re driving with your significant other, or you have an old friend in the passenger’s seat for a trip to the links, wouldn’t you prefer to make a connection with them by speaking to each other? Call us grizzled, but we have too few deep and meaningful conversations in our society these days. Yeah, it’s easy to just crank up the tunes and let your mind wander, but you’ll get more out of a great discussion. We guarantee it.

Bradley Brownell is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and 6SpeedOnline, among other auto sites.

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