2018 Corvette Orders Will Reportedly Be Delayed

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Corvette Orders Delayed 2017

Temporary Kentucky plant closure could push some new C7 deliveries back to December.

Sounds like some 2018 Corvette owners might have to wait a little bit longer than expected before they can slide into the driver’s seat of their new wheels.

Corvette orders delayed

According to a Cars Direct news report, deliveries for some of the more recent C7 orders might not roll in until December due to the temporary closing of the Bowling Green plant.

As most here probably know, the Kentucky facility is scheduled to undergo some major upgrades starting in August, which many are speculating includes making way for plans to build the new mid-engine model at the plant.

One thing that’s certain – dealers are being put on notice that there’ll be some C7s arriving a lot later than expected. In fact, after halting production in August, GM isn’t expected to resume building the Corvette until November.

That said, there are a couple of ways that those affected by the plant closure can take the news.

1) Dwell in the misery that you’ll be getting your Corvette later than expected, which does little to help cope with the situation.

2) Look at it as you been one of the few who have made a personal sacrifice to make way for the highly anticipated mid-engine C8.

3) Think of your Corvette order as more of a Christmas gift to yourself, which makes the purchase even more memorable years down the road.

Personally, we’d opt for two and three and call it a wrap. Of course, that’s probably easier said than done if you’re someone who has been eagerly anticipating the opportunity to finally take delivery of your C7. However, we recommend trying to find some kind of upside to the situation to help ease the pain.

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