This Former $700 Craigslist Corvette Could Fetch $7 Million

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Here’s a pretty wild find – a million-dollar Corvette priced at $700 in a Florida Craigslist post, which nobody bought.

That’s according to a Hagerty report, which states that the car, once thought to be a ’53 pre-production Pontiac fitted to a Corvette frame, was actually a storied 1960 ‘Vette known as the Cunningham Corvette No. 1.

One of three models turned into racecars by Briggs Cunningham, the purplish primed C1 was the last one to resurface. Apparently, the car’s history beyond its early years of racing are a bit of a mystery. But the Corvette is now in the hands of car collector Gino Burelli, who is preparing to have it restored. He expects the job will take about a year to pull off, at a cost of roughly $1 million.

The payoff? Well, anywhere from $3 to $7 million or more, once this baby is all finished and put up for sale, according to a restoration expert.

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Via [Hagerty]

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