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Super-nice C5 Corvette Going for Just $6,300 on Craigslist

1998 C5 Corvette

This 1998 C5 Corvette is as clean as they come, but at $6,300, have C5 values finally bottomed out?

  Comments | By - September 13, 2018

Almost-perfect 1995 ZR1 is still ‘King’

King of the Hill Corvette

This stunning example of a 1995 Corvette ZR1 shows us that era is still capable of being the King of the Hill.

  Comments | By - March 29, 2018

Is this Corvette Z06 ‘One Off’ Truly Gorgeous?

Corvetteforum.com Craigslist C5 Z06 C6 Conversion

Look closely, does anything seem off about this Corvette?

  Comments | By - March 19, 2018

‘Vette Kart Craigslist Find Proves Roadkill Trend is Gaining Legitimacy

Corvetteforum.com C4 Corvette Vettekart RoadKill Craigslist Find

We can’t wait until race weekends start including a ‘Spec ‘Vette Kart’ event.

  Comments | By - February 26, 2018

1984 Corvette in Gulf Oil Livery Is Definition of Rare

Corvette Forum - Gulf Oil Livery C4 1984 Corvette

Gulf Oil liveries were made famous on Ford GT and Porsche 917 race cars. Why is that paint scheme on a Corvette?

  Comments | By - January 16, 2018

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