Craigslist Find: Corvette C4x4 Gets You to Your Duck Blind Quickly

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Corvette Off-Road 4x4

If you can’t decide between a Raptor or a Corvette, why not both? This ‘Vette is ready for the dirt.

Do you have a favorite hunting spot you need to get to quickly? Maybe you have a sick jet boat you need to tow to the lake while looking good? This 1987 C4 Corvette that has been crossbred with a 4×4 pickupĀ is the perfect answer to a question you didn’t know you were asking. Let’s call it the C4x4.

Corvette Off-Road 4x4

The interior is in just as good of shape as the Vette’s fiberglass exterior panels and probably the truck underpinnings it was dropped onto. The seller doesn’t give us too much information, making it that much more intriguing as to how and why this came to be. According to the ad, it is in Phelan, a dusty town of 15,000 in the desert about 20 miles from the nearest movie theater. I’ll guess a case of beer and boredom prompted this build.

Here is what the ad says:

“Glamis ready Big Red
87 vette on 87 chevy 4×4 truck.
Go any where off road.
T,his vette is a big boy toy!!!
$5000 obo trade ok.
Call or text xxx-xxx-xxxx”

Corvette Off-Road 4x4

Now, $5,000 seems steep for a 1987 Chevy truck or a beat-up C4 Corvette. However, if this thing works, the C4x4 combo price seemsĀ about right. Also, for some reason it is posted in the “Barter” section. You can find the original Craigslist post here.

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