A-Arm Bushing Press-Replacement Poly

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was replacing my bushings with Energy Suspensions Hyperflex Kit
84-95vette.When you install the new one piece bushing for the upper a-arm
they show you a diagram using an arbor press and how to place them on the
rod that runs through them. The one side is two piece and easy to do.
The opposite end has to be pressed in after the other is
assembled. It will not go in with a hammer so forget it! Most of us have a
vice mounted to our bench and hopefully very secure. Using the ram on the
vise the back where the screw comes out)I placed the socket that
disassembled the rod on the bushing(opened end).
Place the rod
inbetween the socket and the wall and start shutting the vice! You must
grease the bushing and lightly get it started with a screwdriver. I
placed a two-by-four on the wall so not to collapse the wall and to get
inbetween the studs. It went in very nicely. If this does not seat it,
then take your aluminum sleeve place it in your bushing, and tighten the
nut. I had to do my this way in order to completely seat. I hope this
helps someone because it saved me a bunch of time!!

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