Adding 30# SVO Fuel Injectors

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Thanks goes out to
DV-8 (aka Johnny)
from Houston. He was kind enough to help out and take some good

Tools Needed:

  • 10mm wrench and/or
    socket and ratchet
  • small flathead


  • Remove
    fuel rail covers (if you have them).

  • I
    hadn’t driven it for about 24hrs, so I placed a rag over
    the end of
    the fuel rail pressure relief valve, and
    pressed the valve to depressurize
    the system. It had
    already depressurized naturally overnight. So no
    gas came

  • Take
    out the
    bolts that hold the fuel rail down. 4 of them.

  • Push
    the silver clips that hold the harness to the each
    injector inward,
    and pull the harness connections off each

  • Disconnect
    the main electrical connector to each side of the fuel rail.
    I also unhooked the connections to the throttle body to make things
    a little easier.

  • Then
    once the
    fuel rail is loose grab one side broadly and pull up firmly
    to get the injectors out all at once from the manifold.

  • Repeat
    for the other side. (wiggling helps while
    pulling up).

  • Its
    easier to lift all the injectors out from the manifold while
    they are still on the fuel rail then to try to pull them out from
    the fuel rail first, so don’t try to lift the fuel rails off the
    while they are still in the intake manifold.
    You will most likely
    bend or break the fuel

  • Used
    a flat
    blade screwdriver to pop out the small black metal retaining
    clips that hold the fuel injectors to the rail. These are kinda
    like U-clips, and they come off towards the inside of the rails.
    Take them all off and set them aside.

  • Once
    there all popped out I choose to remove the gray plastic
    tabs that holds the harness to the

  • Pull
    the the
    whole fuel rail up and out as far as it can go.

  • With
    the injectors sticking up now, pull very
    hard to get them out. The
    O-rink on the top of the
    injectors may stay up inside the socket,
    so have a small
    screwdriver handy to pull them out. It easily came
    after the injector was out. Put the o-rings back on the injectors
    once out.

  • Then
    by hand
    press the new injectors in the fuel rail. Not to difficult,
    but some of them may require some grunting and cussing.

  • Now
    put the little U-clamps on the tops of the

  • Re-position
    the fuel rail and align all injectors in their holes and press them
    in using the fuel rail. You will hear each of them pop in.
    The mount points that the four bolts go in, should be sitting flush
    with the mount point. If there is a gap, then you have an injector
    that’s not fully seated.

  • Then
    reconnected each electrical plug for each injector. Reconnect
    the main electrical connector to each side of the fuel rail.
    Don’t forget the throttle body connectors too if you unplugged them

  • Turn
    the key
    to the on position, without starting, to let the system pressurize.
    Check for leaks. Do this several times. Once you are absolutely
    sure there are no leaks, then start it.

Good comparison of the size difference. Keep in mind that
these are rated at 30# at the Ford fuel pressure level. Given
our higher fuel pressure level, they flow about 36#

It’s tight up under there. You Corvette guys have it easy.

Here’s about halfway through. Notice the injectors are already
gone. The last one back there was tough….VERY tough.

Another angle to give you an idea of
how little room us F-Body
guys have to work.

Aerial view….

That’s where they go… Notice the bolt hole to the top right.
That’s one of the four mount points for the fuel rails.

Same shot, a little closer

Notice the excess fuel that spills out into the hole… Make sure
you are in a ventilated place when you do this… We were seeing
weird colors….

injectors out at this point… Taking a breather…

Another shot. As you can see it’s not very roomy, and I’m
actually up on top of the engine.

ACTION SHOT!!! Yes those injectors are in there good!

Here I’m still trying to get them
all off.

yeah! Looking good!

There’s what they look like when they’re done.

Finished product.

After breathing gas fumes for about
an hour… I was relieved that
it all worked!

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