Additional Headlight Bushing Replacement Info 1988 Corvette

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Following the tech tip from Jeff Loftis, I found these two circumstances
to be true for my 1988. I don\’t know if this will apply to other model
1) One of the two torx bolts holding the headlight motor to
the frame is blocked by another part of the headlight bracket assembly.
Theres is another bolt that is a real pain to get to, but it must be
loosened to allow the bracket assembly to slide out of the way to get to
the motor bolt. The headlight must be rotated (about a third of the way
open). This is in order to access the torx bolt that needs to be loosened.
Then I had to slide the bracket with one hand to access the motor bolt and
hold it there while using my other hand to loosen the motor bolt. Two
people would have helped!
2) I was able to get by without removing
the snap ring on the end of the shaft. The design on my 1988 model only
required removing the roll pin to allow the entire linkage to be removed
from the shaft.
First light took 5 hrs start to finish, due to the
blocked bolt situation (trial and error to figure out how to get to it),
second light only took 3 hrs start to finish.

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