Corvette Homecoming Video Truly Captures Enthusiast Spirit

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AOL Car Club

Hats off to the team at AOL‘s Car Club USA because their recent video documenting the annual Corvette Homecoming in Bowling Green, Kentucky does a perfect job of capturing the true spirit of die-hard Corvette fans.

No, it doesn’t feature all that heavy horsepower stuff we cover in a lot of videos here at Corvette Forum, which I can certainly appreciate as well, but this video is just a really good depiction of the passion that comes with owning a Corvette. And it’s told by those who know it best, passionate Corvette owners.

The 12-minute video below specifically follows two contestants for the National Corvette Homecoming’s Show and Shine competition. While there’s plenty of gorgeous ‘Vettes to behold, it’s as much about the people who own the cars as the Corvettes competing in the event.

“That’s probably the biggest thing about this weekend,” an attendee tells AOL. “There’s a connection with Corvette people.”

It’s all good stuff, but the highlight has to be the story of a mom and son who overcome tragedy with the help of their shared love for Corvettes. Good luck keeping your eyes dry the whole way through!

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