C2 Corvette Is an American Icon, Even In Belgium: Video

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European Corvette owner longs for old-world American sensibilities.

In this Petrolicious owner profile, we’re introduced to a Belgian Corvette fanatic named Mathieu. Mathieu’s car-obsessed influences have built up for decades, since he was a small boy. His father is a vintage Italian fanatic, and they would regularly attend vintage car meets and vintage races at Spa. They would wrench together in the garage some nights, but the younger always had his sights set on something with a big American V8. The thundering racers at Spa stuck in his memories, and when he visited the U.S. as a young adult, the bug struck him even harder.

Corvette C2 on Petrolicious

Seeing our wide-open spaces and long, straight, empty highways, (plus seeing a gorgeous example at a Barrett-Jackson auction) the ethos of the Corvette wrapped itself around Mathieu’s brain.

When you’ve been infected by the Corvette bug, it won’t be long before you have one. In this case, his desires centered on a gorgeous white C2 that had been perfectly restored. He settled for a C3 Corvette for a while, but knew that what he really wanted was the aesthetic perfection of a C2 Stingray.

When he went on the test drive to buy the car featured here, he was trepidatious about spending so much on a car, but when the long side-pipes echoed with bangs of an overrun backfire, Mathieu was hooked. To him, this monster of an American icon is a sacred one.

The story of Mathieu and his Corvette needs to be heard, but make sure you have the closed captioning-subtitles turned on when you click play.

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[Source: Petrolicious on  YouTube]

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