C3 Door Spring Replacement

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1) Open the door & remove the old
remains, if any.

2) Clean & lubricate both door rollers
they turn freely.

3) Clean & lubricate the spring holes
slots(both upper & lower) with silicone

Open the door approximately � of full
open(this is IMPORTANT)
and while working from the bottom of the top door
install the short end of the spring by raising it up on the FRONT
side of the upper door hinge and into the top front spring hole. (A pencil
type magnet may be useful in this installation

5) While keeping the spring
elevated, turn/twist
the spring to install the top of the rear
spring loop into the slot.

6) Allow the spring to fall/drop down while
engaged in both the top hole and slot, then open the door FULLY
and navigate the lower spring front into the lower slot. This may require
some GENTLE pulling on the lower spring to the rear of the
car, while
making certain the upper spring loop is installed
with the front part
of the loop as LOW as is possible and the
back part of the loop is as
high as possible, while still
keeping the loop fully engaged in both the
upper front hole
and upper rear slot. At first, you may not think the
can fit into the bottom slot, but it WILL fit, you just have to
be patient and NEVER \’force\’ the spring, it WILL go into the slot,
\’gentle\’ persuasion if you have carefully followed
these instructions.

7) After the lower part of the spring
installed into the lower slot, insert the special
installation tool into
the lower spring loop approximately
�\” from the bottom of the loop,(some
\’sticky\’ putty on
the tool end may help with tool to spring friction)
then push
the tool toward the interior side of the car. When lined up
with the lower rear hole, tap the spring upward into the hole to complete
the installation. If difficult to access the lower spring loop
with a
hammer(due to door wiring, etc), you may use a steel
shaft, or you may
be successful in tapping the installation
tool upward, if friction between
tool and lower spring loop is

Remove the tool, and check for proper
door spring operation.

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