Corvette Transformed into Bare-Bones Rally Racer

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C4 Corvette Rally Racer

Once you see where this C4 Corvette Rally Racer is headed, you’ll reconsider your perspective about its “beauty”.

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” You’ve probably heard us reference that old adage a few times here at Corvette Forum. Each and every time we do, we seem to get a different understanding of exactly what the idea means when it comes to the beloved American sports car.

Take, for example, this rather odd-looking contraption we stumbled upon in a Jalopnik report, which reiterates the point that beauty, as well as practicality, can often be a subjective thing.


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Now, before anyone here starts rushing to judgment, know that there’s a perfectly plausible reason this Corvette has been stripped down to practically two doors. The ‘Vette has been totally reconstructed or demolished (depending on your point of view) to compete in the next Gambler 500, a rally adventure that’s known for cheap and impractical vehicles.

C4 Corvette Rally Racer

So, if you look at the Corvette from that perspective, you could say the car really isn’t that odd at all. Brian Ballinger and Chris Smith are credited with re-crafting the ‘Vette into the rally racer now known as the “Van Damme Vette.”

Some of the mods — well, aside from the obvious — include an insanely big fuel cell contraption and monstrous 31-inch tires. Apparently, the Corvette still rides on its factory suspension system, which is pretty wild. Though, we guess the idea of what constitutes “riding” could be considered pretty subjective as well.

C4 Corvette Rally Racer

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