C5 Chevrolet Corvette vs. Toyota Prius?

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Corvette Vs Prius Miles to the Gallon

While it might seem a strange match up, the comparison between the
Corvette C5 and the Toyota Prius is an interesting one. Sure, in nearly
every way you can’t find two cars that are more different. That sort of
contrast, though, leads to some interesting conclusions.

Similar Purchase Cost

A Corvette C5 can be bought for about $25,000. That’s about the same
price as a Toyota Prius.  So, in this aspect the two cars can be
considered equals.  

The Comparison

Two drivers took their cars on a drive from Fort Lee, New Jersey to
Bear Mountain State Park on the Palisades Parkway (forty two point
seven miles) to compare gas mileage. One driver was in a C5 Corvette,
while the other drove a Toyota Prius. The Corvette did the drive on
1.402 gallons of gas. That translates to 30.4 miles per gallon. The
Prius did the same drive on 1.083 gallons of gas for 39.4 miles per

Beyond the Gas Mileage

Looking past the gas mileage question, though, the two cars are quite
different. The Corvette C5 is designed as a sports car and has an eight
cylinder high performance engine. That means it will accelerate and run
much faster than the Prius with its hybrid engine. Interestingly
enough, though, the Corvette has a drag coefficient of .29 versus the
Prius? .26. The coefficient of drag is a number that refers to how
aerodynamic a car is; the lower the number, the more aerodynamic. If you
are someone who puts a lot of value on high tech gadgetry and the
latest technology, the Prius wins in that aspect, too.

The Final Analysis

Sure, the Prius beats the Corvette for gas mileage. To be fair, the
30.4 miles per gallon was achieved by driving the ?Vette in a specific
way to maximize the mileage, too. You really don’t buy a Corvette to be
fuel efficient, though. It’s really an interesting assessment that it
can come close to a Prius at all. The real question then, comes down to
your preferences. If you are a person who wants to feel like they are
doing something for the environment (and indeed look like you are) and
who wants to be on the edge of new technology, the Toyota Prius is
probably the car for you. However, if you prefer classic American sports
car styling and power, get the Corvette and feel good about the fact
that you can still get over 30 miles to the gallon with an American made
V8 engine.

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