What are Corvette Trucks?

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Although Chevrolet is perhaps best known for manufacturing a series
of sports cars called Corvettes, this manufacturer has also produced a
lesser known series of Corvette trucks as well; read on for a brief overview
of these vehicles. The Corvette truck has been the subject of a great
deal of debate in the several years since it was first released.
Generally speaking, customers and critics alike are somewhat unsure what
to make of it; it looks like a convertible or a standard Corvette, but
the back portion is cut away and open like a truck. The result is a
completely distinctive and unique vehicle that has no other equivalent
in the current auto market. Read on for some additional information
about this one of a kind vehicle.


General Specs

The technical name for the Chevrolet Corvette truck is the Chevrolet
SSR. This vehicle was released in the mid 1990s and was designed as 
“retro” car to help the company rebrand itself somehow. In terms of
exterior, the vehicle sports a custom bed and body. It is slightly
taller than a standard sports car but not close to the height of a
regular size pickup truck. The bed itself is quite a bit smaller and not
capable of hauling much in terms of weight and size.

Inside of the vehicle, the SSR is outfitted with the C5 Corvette
motor. This motor is a powerful alternative to the standard Chevrolet
motor and gives the Corvette truck the same horsepower and torque
capabilities as the Corvette sports car. The vehicle sports a large size
V6 engine which is capable of over 300 horsepower at a standard

In terms of other accessories, the Corvette SSR truck comes with a
full array of different options. This runs the gamut from CD and DVD
entertainment systems to heated leather seats to GPS navigation systems,
centralized air circulation and much more. All of this goes along with
helping the excellent drivetrain and engine system to create a vehicle
that handles exceptionally well, gets relatively poor gas mileage (it
is, after all, based on a sports car) and which can attain top speeds
that are significantly higher than most other pickup trucks.

Additional Information

The Corvette Truck was designed to be a “retro” vehicle. The idea
behind the truck was not to create a vehicle that was significantly more
useful than other Chevrolet products for hauling and carrying goods; if
you’re interested in a vehicle that will do these things, check out
some of Chevrolet’s larger and much less expensive specialty trucks.
Rather, the Corvette truck was designed to imitate a certain set of
custom sports cars from the 1960s that were custom modified to have open
rear sections. The vehicle saw some initial success upon its release,
but was then discontinued in the model year 2006.

The price on the Corvette truck may have had something to do with its
long term commercial failure. The vehicle was priced at a base level of
over $40,000. This is comparable with a top of the line new Corvette
sports car. Many customers who were in the market for a new Chevrolet
vehicle at that price range determined that it was a better decision to
opt for the standard Corvette instead of the Corvette truck.

Today, Corvette trucks can rarely be seen on the road, due to their
overall obscurity. However, these vehicles are becoming collector’s
items amongst some circles, and the prices have begun to rise due to the
fact that they are difficult to come by. Speak with a Chevrolet dealer
for more information.

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