2006 Corvette Review: Exterior Accessories and Options

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You finally have enough money for that Corvette you’ve always wanted,
but you can’t choose between the 2005 and the 2006 Corvette, so
exterior accessories will be one factor you use in making your decision.
Below you will find a list of some of the more notable exterior
accessories and styling points of the 2006 Corvette, from Chevrolet.

Tires and Wheels

The 2006 Corvette came standard with 19 inch alloy wheels and
`Z?-rated performance tires. These tires were monitored by a tire
pressure monitoring system that alerts the driver to unsafe changes in
tire pressures. As an added safety feature, the stock tires are also
what are known as run flat tires. This means that instead of having to
pull over immediately if you get a flat, you can safely drive to
somewhere that you can safely change the tire without worrying about
being a hazard on the side of the road. Special polished alloy wheels
came as an option this year on the ?Vette. Another option was 19 inch
chromed wheels.

Exterior Mirrors

Both exterior rear-view mirrors are both heated and power-actuated.
This means that not only will you no longer have to worry about fogged
up mirrors, but you also won’t have to roll down the window to make
adjustments to the mirrors. The mirrors are also aerodynamically styled
to cut down on wind drag, thus helping to give better fuel economy.


The Corvette comes with 4 wheel vented disc brakes. The vented means
that the brakes will dissipate heat faster which means that when
undergoing extended braking, you won’t lose braking efficiency due to
over-heating. The Corvette also came standard with 4-wheel Anti Lock

Front Air Dam and Spoiler

On the front of the car, under the bumper is a functional air dam and
spoiler which adds to the aerodynamic efficiency of the car when
traveling at and above freeway speeds.

Headlight Covers

Standard equipment on the ?Vette in 2006 was clear headlight covers,
which add to the overall aerodynamic efficiency of the car, making it
cut through the air easier, giving slightly better fuel economy.

Targa Roof

The Corvette has almost always been a combination of hardtop and
convertible, and the 2006 model was no different. This year’s Corvette
was equipped with a Targa roof which pops out from between the front and
rear windows. This form of roof is stiffer and lends itself better to
high performance vehicle made from lightweight materials, such as the

Above you have found a few of the exterior styling features and accessories available on the 2006 Corvette.

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