C5 Exhaust Install

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Step 1

1. Remove the upper stabilizer bolt and the lower stabilizer nut. Remove stabilizer bar from mount and swing down. Tools required: 18mm socket, 15mm wrench

Step 2

2. Remove the muffler support brackets. Tools required: 13mm socket with extension

Step 3

3. Remove the 4 bolts that attach the left and right muffler pipes to the H-pipe. Tools required: 15mm wobble socket

4. Swing down both mufflers and set aside. Note: For an automatic, you must cut the exhaust pipe approximately 2″ from the muffler.

5. Insert the two new over-the-axle pipes and attach them with new gaskets to the H-pipe.

6. Place one of the muffler support brackets on the new muffler and re-attach to hanger. Torque bolts to 12 ft/lbs.

7. Using supplied pipe clamps, attach muffler to the over-the-axle pipe and align so as tips are straight.

Step 8

8. Align left and right tips and tighten pipe clamps until completely secure. Note: Stainless steel is very hard. Pipe clamp has to be very tight, but you can also sheer off the clamp bolt if you are not careful.

9. Re-attach stabilizer bar and torque to the following specifications: Rear Stabilizer Bar Lower Clamp Nut: 70 ft/lb. Rear Stabilizer Bar Upper Clamp Bolt: 49 ft/lb.

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