Is the C6 Corvette Getting Better-Looking With Age?

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Jalopnik reminds us of why the C6 Z06 has such a huge fan base.

If there ever was any doubt about the appeal of the sixth-generation Corvette, just take a few minutes to revel in the beauty of this C6 Z06.

Sure, we really don’t have to convince anyone here on the idea of the last-gen Z06. It’s not exactly a hard sale for those who live and breathe Corvettes. In fact, even with all the raves about some of the higher performance C7 variants, the C6 Z06 is still considered a hot commodity.

We were recently reminded of that idea after stumbling upon a recent report by Jalopnik’s Raphael Orlove, titled, “The C6 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Looks Better With Every Passing Day.”

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Some of the things that seem to intrigue Orlove about the car are its carbon fiber fenders, the circle headlights (of course), and its 7.0-liter small block V8.

Yep, sounds like a classic in the making to us. Though, we already knew that, too. So it’s really no big surprise that Orlove cites the C6’s interior as one of his least favorite of the car’s features. But all and all, it’s clear that the Jalopnik contributor is definitely a fan of the C6 Z06.

However, at 5’9″, Orlove contends that the C6 Z06 is a bit too much car for him, noting that it’s more suited for the “bigger and brasher humans of this planet.”

We imagine most here would probably agree that the sixth-gen Z06 certainly isn’t for the weak minded. But we tend to think that size or height shouldn’t play a factor in one’s ability to handle the beast. It’s more of a mindset than anything else. What do you think?

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