Jimmie Johnson Treats Young Fan to Z06 Donuts

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Jimmie Johnson is auctioning of his Corvette to help raise money for low-income kids. But first, donuts!

Imagine being a young racing fan and getting a few Z06 donuts courtesy of Jimmie Johnson.

There’s a memory for the books right, right?

Come to think about it, we can’t imagine being a racing fan of any age and not relishing that experience. In fact, we imagine that young Tyler, said passenger, will likely be talking about his recent donut time with the racing legend for quite some time, based on the video clip below.

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Tyler’s ride in Johnson’s Z06 is certainly one to treasure, considering that it’s likely one of the last driving experiences anyone will ever be treated to in the NASCAR racer’s 650-horsepower model of the sports car. That’s because Johnson is currently raffling off the Corvette as part of the Jimmie Johnson Foundation. Johnson started the foundation to raise money to help lower-income students in K-12 schools across the country.

So, you could say that Tyler’s ride in the car is a rare experience in more ways than one. Which we’re sure makes him quite the envy of some of his classmates, as well as a few adults here at Corvette Forum.

Apparently, young Tyler suffers from some health issues, which makes his donut experience with the racing icon even more special to watch. Kudos Jimmie, keep up the good work.

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