How To Get Your C6 Corvette’s Navigation Into Diagnostic Mode

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If you’re still using your Corvette’s stock navigation, here’s how to get behind the scenes.

We’ve always liked the stock Corvette navigation. Not because it is particularly good, it really isn’t, but because the system can communicate upcoming directions via the car’s head-up-display. Some drivers might prefer to use their smart phone-based GPS systems (Waze is pretty good, actually) to find their way around. But when given the option, we’ll take the HUD over a tiny handheld screen. You probably shouldn’t be fiddling with your phone while driving, anyway. If your Corvette’s navigation screen doesn’t look right to you, or you need to check your exact GPS coordinates, you can access the screen’s diagnostic display.

Nav mode

This screen is reasonably easy to access. All you need to do, according to Corvette Forum member Sky High, is bring your Corvette to a complete stop. Then: “Go to the navigation screen and hit the menu button. When the menu screen comes up, hold your finger on the screen right next to the YELLOW menu button until the pinpad comes up and enter code 295660 and hit the ok button. You are now in diagnostic mode.”

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Once you’ve accessed the screen, you can get coordinates, information on which satellite you’re latched onto, your software information (to determine if you need an update, perhaps?), and some otherwise hidden vehicle information.

This may not be the best navigation system out there, even for the era, but it still works pretty well. Occasionally we’ll find a new road built after the disc was made, or we’ll get stuck in a traffic jam that a modern GPS system would have avoided, but we’ll stick with it. What system do you prefer to use to find where you’re going?

Bradley Brownell is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and 6SpeedOnline, among other auto sites.

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