Modified C6 ZR1 Takes on Rivals in After Dark Street Race Scene

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Only in the world of street racing is an 800+ horsepower ZR1 considered slow.

Here at Corvette Forum, we’re always proponents of safety. We all have a strong belief that you really out to keep the racing and speed in a safe controlled environment like a race track. However, try as we might to sway people to the strip, but just like King of the Streets has proven, the street racing scene is still very much a part of our subculture. That said, we’re amazed at the power of some of these cars now hitting the street, and the speeds they achieve.

Over 700 horsepower is now the norm, and this video as filmed from a C6 ZR1, shows how incredibly fast some of these cars really are. Especially one particular Mustang which claims to be in the 600 horsepower range, but somehow manages to walk cars with several hundred more horsepower in a few different roll racing street race challenges. Who are the other rivals? A sprayed and procharged C7 Z06, a twin turbo LS swapped RX7, a Hellcat with 1000 horsepower and more. For reference, the camera car is a C6 ZR1 with a hot cam, different heads and running E85.

C6 ZR1 bolt on mods street race

What we have come to appreciate about these kinds of videos is how far we’ve come over the past few years in terms of horsepower. It used to be that to get a car with 800 to 1000 horsepower, it would either be completely hopeless to drive on the street, or cost many thousands of dollars to build by a specialty engine builder.

Aside from some specialty tires, these cars can be driven daily, and some without even upsetting the neighbors with V8 melodies. Some folks talk about the good old days of muscle cars, but we aren’t in a shortage of horsepower at all these days.

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Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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