C7 Corvette Design Still Has People Buzzing

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2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

I guess you just can’t please everyone regardless of how hard you try. Case-in-point, forum member “Arctic C7”, who has grown a little frustrated with the fact that some people don’t recognize his C7 Corvette as a Corvette.

He recently posted a forum thread saying, “That’s all I ever get asked. You take a car that’s been around for 60-plus years, redesign it, and now no one in the general public knows what it is.

He continues, “I call that a screw-up on GM’s part. They have done the same thing with Buick; so much so, they have TV ads telling people those strange-looking cars they are seeing are new, screwed-up Buicks and not some new Kia. What has happened to brand heritage? I’m not liking [how] the car is no longer instantly recognizable as a Corvette.”

Hmm. Where do I start on this one about a car that nearly two years after its launch, is still turning heads?

Better yet, how about I just refer to some of the comments in the thread that I think best sum up my feeling on “Arctic C7’s” post, along with a few of my favorite photos of the C7.



“I call it a huge success on GM’s part; it interested me enough to draw me in and buy one. Had it been just a C6 redesign, I likely wouldn’t have even thought about it. People not in the know are blown away when they realize it’s a Chevrolet.”


“And after asking what kind of car it is, they often say it is their dream car, and they have to own one.”

C7 LA photo shoot


“I sold my C6 (121,000 miles and seven years) to buy a CTS-V. The C7 brought me back to the Corvette fold. The C6 looked dated sitting beside my 27-year-old Ferrari.”

The C7 is fresh, and for the first time in years, people are looking at my Vette rather than gushing over my old F-car.”

Should I continue? OK, I will.


“I have all ages grabbing their phones to take pictures, and young hotties asking what kind of car it is. This car made me a rock star — without all the drugs and STD sex.”



“I have yet to hear a negative comment from anyone I meet about the C7. I rarely hear anything about the taillights anymore, either, as most people (myself included) love them. This is what a Corvette looks like!”

I think the overall point here, “ArcticC7” is that you really should be embracing that question of “What is it?” that you’ve been getting about your C7, taking it all in with smile. Take some pride in knowing you own one of the hottest cars in the world, and that it’s built right here in the good ole USA.

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