Why Don’t C7 Owners Do the Corvette Wave?

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I find this thread, titled “What’s with the C7 Guys?,” really interesting, mostly because I didn’t know that some Corvette owners were still trying to hold onto the traditional “Corvette Wave” until now.

The post, started by Corvette Forum member “Bigvx5” has sparked a lot of discussion. Here’s how he starts the conversation:

Since I got my C6 (picked up on Christmas day) not one person in a C7 has waved at me. I always wave first and get nothing in return. Do they have a complex?[….]  What’s the deal? Truth be [told], if we lined them up side-by-side, nine out of 10 people would say mine looks better. Not being […] smug — just truthful.

While I can see where “Bigvx5” is coming from, I really wouldn’t take the lack of wave-back personally. It’s just a sign of the times. In fact, it’s a good indication that after decades of selling cars to the same Corvette fans, Chevy is finally picking up some new ones with the C7.


That, my friends, is called progress. It’s also a testament to the fact that nothing ever stays the same. And as far as that comment about lining your C6 side-by-side to a C7, and having nine out of 10 folks say the C6 looks better? Well, I think that would depend a lot on where the cars are parked.

That said, if there are a few newbies to the Corvette family looking to uphold the tradition, you might find this video clip from the Corvette Owner Instructional DVD to be quite helpful.

And here are some ways some Corvette Forum members deal with the lack of a wave-back.

If they don’t wave back, just give them the single-finger salute.
— “R&L’s C6”

Some wave, some don’t. If they don’t, I just crash into the side of their cars. No big deal.
— “1rusty1”

Yeah, we don’t recommend your trying those methods.

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