Corvette Forum Wields Great Power

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It looks like Corvette Forum might wield a lot more respect with the powers that be than I thought.

Not that I ever underestimated the value of the member base as a collective group, but sometimes I just don’t even realize how much weight the posts here carry in the Corvette kingdom.

I bring this up because it looks like Corvette Forum member “Rikhek” will finally be getting a new transmission for his C7, due in part to all the activity on his thread about the issue. Here’s how the 10-page thread begins:

Did a track day at Hallett on 1/17 and my M7 transmission failed. I ran seven 20-minute sessions, and the transmission kept popping out of gear. It did it an average of 14 times per session! It put a big damper on the day and created a potentially dangerous situation.

At first, not even “Rikhek’s” dealer could get GM to return a call about his transmission, which only had a couple thousand miles of use. The issue caused quite a stir in the forum, with many different perspectives about how it should be handled.

Apparently, the stir may have caught the attention of someone who can make things happen because two days ago, “Rikhek” posted the following:

I just got a call from my dealer. The service writer told me he got a call from GM late this morning instructing him to order a new transmission. I asked him what caused the sudden response. He said it might have been due to all the hits on the Corvette Forum. I DID NOT tell them I started a thread on the issue.

So apparently, thanks in part to the power of posting in Corvette Forum, it looks like “Rikhek” is only a few days away from hitting the track yet again in his Corvette.

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