Love for C7 Corvette Is Still Strong: Facebook Fridays

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Anticipation for the mid-engine C8 can’t eclipse all the great front-engine Corvettes we’ve come to love.

At times, we get the sense that the buzz over the mid-engine C8 has clouded the appreciation for the C7. And all the past models, for that matter.

Sure, we get it: It’s exciting to think that the Corvette will become a serious, heavyweight supercar contender. Most of us at CorvetteForum are eagerly anticipating the mid-engine model’s debut along with you. But there’s a sense that all the hype over the upcoming car seems to be negating the glorious beauty of the C7, as captured here in this week’s Facebook Fridays photo from the official Corvette Facebook page.

Don’t get us wrong, we know that most here have a deep appreciation for what the seventh generation Corvette is. It’s evident in the countless comments shared on the threads, along with all the photos people proudly display of their C7s on their personal Facebook pages.


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But nothing beats another great photo like this one (first shared by Jonathan L.) to remind us that the front-engine Corvettes are as hot as they were the day America’s sports car launched.

In fact, a comment posted by Cheyenne Rose Horner probably sums it all up. “I’m a huge Chevy fan, so I love all their vehicles,” she says. “But, the Corvette is a beautiful car. Gorgeous body style, and overall just awesome.”

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