C7 Monroney Saying Engine Made in Mexico Was a Typo

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In a recent Corvette Forum thread, member Corvette ED pointed out a very peculiar Corvette Monroney sticker that he found at a Corvette show. In the showroom, he found a 2017 Grand Sport that said the assembly happened at the Bowling Green plant, but oddly enough, the country of origin for the engine listed Mexico.

The thread caused quite a stir in the hearts of Corvette owners. Forum member SCorvette08 even posted a no-nonsense warning about what would happen if General Motors actually started doing this: “GM if your listening if you start building Corvettes Engines anything in Mexico and Not USA than I wont buy another one that is for Sure.”


Y’all know that muscle and sports cars, for the most part, don’t mess around with their Made in America products, so this would obviously be huge news and a major fault on the part of Chevrolet. Luckily, there is nothing to worry about.

As members jagamajajaran and The_Gretz pointed out later in the thread, this was a case of an extremely weird misprint. CORVETTE LT1 ENGINES ARE NOT MADE IN MEXICO. So you guys can go back to drinking your Busch Light now, as will I.

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