Does Driving an Automatic Corvette Make You Lazy?

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Corvettes are meant to be driven. Not the around-your-neighborhood kind of driven. Like, really, actually driven — hard. They were designed specifically for that purpose. And to properly and traditionally do such a thing, you need to have a ‘Vette with a manual transmission. It goes back to that driving versus being driven element. But, for a variety of reasons (including the fact that, yes, most automatics are faster than manuals these days), automatics are quite prevalent.

One of our own guys here at Corvette Forum, Detroit Steel, even wrote an entire list of reasons to pick an automatic for your ‘Vette instead of a manual. Naturally, another one of our writers, Patrick Morgan, had to support the other side of the rainbow (let’s be real, both options are treasures) and laid out some reasons why the manual is the better choice. One of his reasons to own a manual stuck out, and got my brain gears shifting: “You aren’t lazy and actually enjoy the process,” he said. “Clutch zealots will assure you that city driving is not the automotive gulag that it is made out to be.”


Lazy. By definition, lazy means, “unwilling to work or use energy.” Does driving an automatic make you somebody who is unwilling to use energy? It could, but I see it much more as a preference of driving style. With today’s technology built into the highly advanced Corvettes, you can still engage with the road, even if you aren’t physically moving your arm up and down. But that’s just my view.

What do you guys think?

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