Can You Imagine Corvette Without Chevy?

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One thing that’s become evident in our modern world of journalism is that some writers put more weight in shock value than in providing readers with meaningful insight. It’s become one of the tools of the trade in this new age of social media inspired news.

Now, I’m certainly in no position to say that was the intent of John McElroy’s recent AutoBlog post called, “It’s time for Corvette to attack Porsche.” But I can’t imagine McElroy thinking that anyone would take his suggestion seriously that Corvette should break away from Chevy.

If you think that’s farfetched, McElroy goes on to state that the new standalone brand’s first vehicle should be a Corvette SUV. McElroy contends that Corvette’s ties to Chevrolet limits what the nameplate can offer consumers when trying to compete with other performance brands.

To illustrate his point, McElroy cites the success of Porsche as a division of the Volkswagen Group. Keep in mind, Porsche also had its fair share of naysayers when they debuted the Cayenne SUV and later the Macan.

But the trouble with that perspective is that Corvette has such a deep and longstanding connection to Chevy that it’s almost impossible to think of them separately, regardless of what kind of vehicle you add to the line-up. Right?

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